June 11, 2018


Kent, Washington


Sister Espinoza

Awesome Baptism, New Investigators, Too Much Food & Kitten Help w/ Contacting

This week was busy but so much fun!!!! IAN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! He is so cute but was really nervous! His family was so happy though and it was an amazing experience! :)

We have this Russian women who we do service for every week and we invited the Russian Sisters (for some reason we thought they would be American's who learned Russian??? Nope. Both were from the Ukraine) over for a lesson! We knew the moment we got out of the car that we were in trouble... She speaks English pretty well but immediately greeted us in Russian when she saw us. Yep, the WHOLE lesson was in Russian... We of course didn't understand any of it, but we had one sister translating while the other taught and they would switch off. It was really cool.

Okay, this week we were late to everything I feel like. We had another lesson with the Nigerian family and of course when we end our lesson and go to leave they make us sit down and eat... our second dinner of the night. We had to run to the car because we were so late for coordination but we were so stuffed.... oh my goodness, I was probably waddling. I sometimes sneak food onto Sister Espinoza's plate and then she either has to eat it or she stuffs it into her pockets so we can leave faster. :)

We are teaching English to a cute women from Afghanistan! I sent a pic of two of her daughters! It's cool getting to know them better and learning about their culture! They are such a sweet family!

We also had a lesson with a man named Eric for whom I'm super excited! HE NEEDS THE GOSPEL IN HIS LIFE!

One of my favorite parts about this week was being able to teach Izabella (our 16 yr. old investigator) on missionary work and her telling us she wants to serve a mission!!!!! AHHHH!!! It was so amazing to see that we can affect so many lives! We are also going to the Discovery Center this weekend with her!!! Her baptism is on the 23rd of this month!! She has already given out all the assignments to missionaries who have taught her! I will be giving the closing prayer at her baptism :)

Alright, something fun that happened was when we were trying to contact a referral from a member and we found a kitten! It was sad and meowing a lot so I picked it up and we knocked on the closest door! It was their cat and the perfect contact approach because they were the Russian family we were looking for! We gave them their kitten back and were able to get a return appointment for tomorrow! Haha... I've been talking people's heads off (TESTIFYING) until we catch their attention and get a return appointment or not, if we realize they haven't been prepared by the Lord yet! Their kitten WAS SO CUTE though!!!!



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