May 7, 2018


Jovita Creek Ward in Federal Way


Sister Scott

Exchanges, Goat Stomach Soup, More Investigators & Being Persistant

This week was busy!! It started off with exchanges (I FINALLY GOT TO LEAVE MY AREA!!!!!) and I was in the Star Lake ward! It was awesome to be able to meet some of their investigators and members!

We got to try some more interesting food this week! I tried some food from Africa (goat stomach soup???) and from Samoa (cocoa rice! With legit cocoa beans from Samoa)!! And I'm not going to lie, not my favorite. But it was cool to try! It's so much fun that there's so much diversity in our area!

Hmmm... We found three more investigators! The last one we found was just last night, right before going in! It was a referral from the Spanish Elders, received months ago and we've never been able to get into her home. Usually she's just had time to say a prayer with us in the doorway. This time we got to teach her about the restoration and give her a Book of Mormon! FINALLY!!! She's so sweet and I'm excited to see what happens next! AND WE GOT TO TALK TO HER BECAUSE I KNOCKED THREE TIMES FOR SALVATION AND SHE FINALLY HEARD THE THIRD ONE! Testimony gained in being persistent.

Talking about persistence, Sister Scott and I tried to share the gospel with this women on her balcony this week! I'm sure nothing really came from it, besides clarifying what we believe, but Sister Scott got a kick out of it. Another funny thing that happened this week was having an investigator from Sypan invite us to take photos with her and her family... we've met her once, but she's really nice! She's had a bit of a hard time lately.

We've also been getting to know our new ward mission leader! (Annie, he served in Guatemala! Baptized his wife on his mission too!) Anyways, awesome missionary. He's already baptized three people just on his street and has some crazy stories!

This Sunday we had stake conference and so many people were able to come! It was amazing! Alaina is still on date and finally made it to church! Yay! We also got to attend the YSA broadcast and it was super weird being with other young single adults again! Whew! We also beat our record for amount of lessons this week! We've been running around like crazy, but it's been a great week!

I love the people we've been able to meet and talk to this week!

Love you guys and can't wait to see you on our Mother's Day Skype!



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