April 30, 2018


Jovita Creek Ward in Federal Way


Sister Scott

Finding People, Blessings, No Coincidences & The Power of Light

Sister Scott (my new companion) makes me laugh. She's so dramatic. We were trying to contact an investigator and we almost got attacked by some goose. She keeps talking about how she basically almost died. Basically. It really wasn't her day. A few minutes later she was told by some 16 year old how awkward she looked out in the rain... Poor Sister Scott. She's awesome though!!

This week we got busy with finding people! As Sister Scott would say, everyone and their dog was gone. No worries though! We picked up some awesome new investigators- two in the 30 minutes before we had to go inside and then we taught three lessons. Blessings! Really though! We had so many people cancel on us that day and nothing was really going right, so it was such a blessing to see it all come together at the end!

I've been thinking about the women you mentioned (a friend of Monica's, from India). I loved hearing about her and it made me so happy to hear you invited her over for dinner. It's crazy how much refugees and immigrants go through. We teach a lot of people from all over and some have crazy stories... People also regularly just go through such hard things. Sister Rasmussen sent us on a mission to the hospital to find a 17 year old who had been beaten by her boyfriend. Sister R. had met her mom at the airport and referred us when she heard the girl was possibly in our area. It turned out that she was in the sister hospital out of our area. We also got a referral for a man currently in jail. The jail isn't in our area so we're sending it up. It's crazy though, the things people go through, and how our paths intertwine with those around us. You really stop being in coincidences on a mission!

An interesting moment from this week is when we were driving away from teaching the restoration lesson, which is ALWAYS so powerful and Sister Scott told me that something was off during the lesson. When discussing it more we realized what was off was the light. It was dark in the room. It was something that simple, but we still felt the effect. Light makes such a difference spiritually and physically.

Cool moment!!! Our recent convert had a lesson on finding names to take to the temple! Family history is the coolest! She was almost in tears at one point, learning and seeing pics of family members! Wow!



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