February 21, 2018


Jovita Creek Ward in Federal Way


Sister Riggs

Grumpy Cat Valentines, Phone Ownership, Getting Sick, Bacon Pancakes & Investigators

Hola Madre!
Thanks for the updates! Also, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE VALENTINES PACKAGE!!!!! Seriously, that was the sweetest thing ever and I died laughing about the grumpy cat valentines! It made my whole week!I loved the letters everyone sent too!!! Annnnd I ate all the chocolate.... Lol. Maybe we shouldn't send anymore... because I loved it so much and everyone likes to feed us lots of food and treats! I know I shouldn't worry about it that much, buuut it's still something on my mind.

Hmmm... the talk in Sacrament.. I was asked to just give a talk on Mosiah 4:2-3 and I actually ended up talking on the characteristics of Christ that were shown when coming closer to Him and utilizing the atonement! I really just read through it and gave stories on each few characteristics. I'm sorry!! I just wrote a few things down pretty quickly! I didn't have a ton of time to prepare!

Phone ownership has been so great!!!!!!! The only hard thing is that my companion has to see the screen of my phone at all times when I'm on it so that's been really difficult... We're usually busy and yeah... But it's been great so far! Still like iPhones way better, but Samsung is interesting! They're similar, of course, but annoyingly different too!

This week has been interesting! I actually got sick and it's been way fun dealing with that. We tried to keep up with our busy schedule and it was slightly miserable pretending to be fine all the time and constantly dealing with people when I wasn't feeling good. A lot of the time I just wanted to curl up in a ball and go to sleep. Oh well! It was still a great week!

We have a new investigator with a baptismal date and she's awesome!

Oh! I TRIED BACON PANCAKES. I felt like I got diabetes after, but it was something! They take bacon pieces and put it in the waffle batter and cook it up with bacon grease and put buttermilk syrup on top. Woah. It was actually good, but nothing I'd ever want to put into my body again!

We had a great lesson with Deb! We had a member family she's close to at the lesson and it was super cool!



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