January 20, 2018


Provo MTC


Sister Sawyer

Power Outage at MTC, Teaching RS, Investigators & Exercise

Hola Madre!
How are you? I've been good! Its been so weird to be the older ones at the MTC now! We've been welcoming the new missionaries and trying to pass along our knowledge!

Let's see... I forgot to mention that last Sunday the power was all out and we had to get ready in darkness and go to where a generator was being used. It was a little crazy, especially because all the doors are electronic and we have to swipe our cards to get anywhere! This latest Sunday Sis. Sawyer and I had to teach relief society and of course, all our leaders were there. That was a little nerve racking, but it went well!

Monday we got new investigators for TRC annnnd I like teaching one, but the other... Sometimes it feels like she's attacking us during our lessons. No bueno. Really like the other though! It's sometimes amusing to do these because we all know that they're really members and sometimes what they do or say really surprises us. For example, the investigator who's more forceful with her questions than the other one, said she would read the BOM during the weekend. I was about to clarify and just say the first chapter, but she said she would read the whole thing. We just went along with it and told her how awesome she was. Lol. I think that would be something that would be really fun to do one day! We've really learned from doing this. Tuesday was all about the church announcement with President Nelson and his question and answer session with news stations from all over the world. It was super cool. Wednesday we got new missionaries!! Thursday... Oh yeah! I've been asking my comp what we did each day. Everything is starting to blur together. We call it the time warp here! Anyways, we had a workshop on and they put on this play about how to work with members and I was dying. It was hilarious and so cheesy. I was highly entertained. I never thought I would enjoy missionary jokes this much. I basically live for them now. We read Jesus the Christ again as a district. Friday we taught some more and had a lot of class time. Yep!

I loved hearing from you earlier this week! Can I just say that you're the sweetest? Thank you for sending my stuff!! I've loved eating the Kind bars! I eat one every night when I do my scripture study and write in my journal!

We have exercise time everyday and I really just do abs, arms, squats, lunges, run around the track or play volleyball and basketball! I'm better with sports that don't involve balls. Lol. Its been fun though! I love being able to be active!

I convinced my comp to wake up at 5:30 so we could do laundry and letters early and have time for other stuff today! I love being able to be productive in the morning!

If you email me back before 6 tonight I can still respond! I usually have my iPad on me!

Love you lots and lots!!



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