October 21, 2019




Kaitlyn Green


Hey y'all!
So I think you can guess by the title, but...
SISTER GREEN AND I ARE MOMS!!! We picked up our cute trainee, Sister Smith, on Thursday, and we are now in a trio! (See excited pics below)
Sister Smith is from Alpine, Utah. She is insanely good at soccer, and did gymnastics for 10 years. You honestly wouldn't be able to tell that she's a greenie because she is already amazing at contributing to lessons and interacting with others. The dynamic of a trio is super crazy, but I am loving it!
So yesterday we had one of the most amazing experiences of my whole mission. Last night we had our weekly lesson with Julius, a young guy we've been teaching for about a month now. But, when we showed up, he had brought his girlfriend and his brother along too! We have the lessons at an inactive family's house, so all ten of us were crammed into the living room of this mobile home and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
When we got to baptism, cute Sister Green explained that baptism is a commandment of God, then said with a shaky voice and power from on high, "Julius, will you be baptized by the proper authority of the priesthood?"
Julius gave us this teary-eyed nod of his head and said, "Yeah. I would."
That wasn't even the end of it.
Julius's girlfriend and brother this whole time have been wide-eyed and in awe of what we were talking about. We extended the invitation to them as well...
And they both said yes!
We will be holding a baptismal service on November 23rd, 2019, and it is going to be a beautiful day.
Other than that, I've been studying and working and being happier than I've been in a long time. I remember President Tveten's words in the trainer meeting we went to, "You need to realize the trust the Lord has in you to put these trainees in your hands."
Wow. I've shaped up more than I thought I needed to, that's for sure!
I love you all. I hope you're doing well, I pray for you every day. Have a great week!
Sister Arnett
-Thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes! I tried to reply and thank all of you but if you were missed, please know that I appreciated it so much!


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