August 16, 2016

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"Welcome to Arizona.... where everything's brown and dead." -everyone.

Hello everyone! How's it going? Well, it's been 2weeks since I got here in AZ. Still alive and kickin', adjusting, surviving the deadly heat and everything. Hehe. But no worries, I'm doing awesome tho. (I think so.) HAHA.

Well to be honest, never have I ever thought that missionary work would be this hard... for me. I mean... even though you think you have exerted all of your efforts and hard work, or as you always strive to give your very best, it seems like... it's not enough. But the very thing that I learned from it is that... those kind of situations bring me even closer to my Heavenly Father and I understand more fully the true meaning of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ for mankind. Missionary life-- we always get tons of rejections which I mean... TONS OF IT! As much as we try to find people to teach, we can't find success because some people are just... *deep sigh* But I realized that YES is living in the land of NOs so I always tell myself to keep going and keep trying just because I really desire their salvation. As representatives of Jesus Christ, this is our full-time job. We left literally everything (family, friends, work, school and stuff) because we love our Heavenly Father and His children. But I hope and pray they recognize and realize that.

I am really grateful for the things that I'm learning here in the mission. Missionary work is hard. YES IT IS. But I understand that we can find success in doing this work if we rely and put our trust in the Lord. I'm so much grateful for His atoning sacrifice-- the enabling power of His atonement, that even though I'm struggling, I got tons of weaknesses, I'm facing a lot of trials and difficulties, the atonement has been made for me to feel comforted and loved-- for me to learn and grow. It's hard but I know I CAN DO THIS! :)

When I got here, I was telling myself: "Hindi ko alam bakit hindi ko mai-apply dito yung "Ganda lang sapat na." Siguro kasi hindi talaga siya sapat. Hahaha! Just kidding. Just trying to make myself laugh :) But seriously though, I know that this is all about salvation-- and salvation is not a cheap experience. We always need to wear our pair of SHOES > SPIRIT. HARD WORK ( OBEDIENCE. ENDURANCE. SMILE. And... yep, that's about it. Can I get an amen to that? :-)

Well, thank you so much for everything you do for me. For your love and prayers. I love you all so much! :)

Sister Marcos
Arizona Mesa Mission


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