February 13, 2017


Livermore, CA, USA


Sister Gibson

Kaylene's February 13, 2017 Letter

That's good that everything is going well with Paul. I'm sure he is liking the boot much more than the cast.

Monday was the usual day of errands. We had a sister from the Windmill Springs ward with us for a few hours. She was leaving for the MTC the next day and was set apart the night before but her mom had to work and therefore she needed a companion for a while so she got dumped onto us. So we tried to give her a good p-day experience even though we just just doing things like laundry and emails. It was Monday that we also learned that the Hermanas were being transferred. There has been so many things going on in the mission it is crazy I have so much respect for President Mella. Hermana Perez is now in Fremont so we will still see her and go on exchanges with her and Hermama Bocanegra is in Watsonville. Not like any of that matters to you guys but what it does mean is that we get this new huge apartment to ourselves. We quickly realized that seeing as all of our desks and everything are in our bed room, that is the only space we use. Like we maybe use 20% of the apartment. So yeah it's just us now.

Tuesday was service at the open heart kitchen. We had a lesson with brother Smyth. We read and talked about the tree of life and let me tell ya he knows absolutely nothing about the Book of Mormon. He had never heard of the tree of life or even Nephi for that matter so yeah I think we will be talking a lot about the Book of Mormon here in the near future. We also had to take a little time to clean out our car as when the Hermanas left they took and left our car down at the mission office as they were going to sell it and then they left us with theirs. Well they had it all Monday and never cleaned it and we were to have car inspections on Wednesday so we couldn't exactly wait until P-day to come around again. We also had our youth activity night which went quite well this week. We talked about prophets and had them all tell us their favorite quote from a prophet past or present and then had them post it online. It great to work with the youth. It's actually something President Mella and the Quorum of the 12 have been pushing lately, to do missionary work among those that are in their mid teens to mid twenties.

Wednesday we had zone conference. It was good as usual. It was a lot of the same stuff from MLC as with just how the transfer was laying out we weren't going to be able to do ZTM's so that meant we were off the hook and president just incorporated the necessary stuff from MLC into his zone conference training. It was during our lunch break at zone conference that President did a little Livermore huddle and we discussed how we would cover all 5 wards with 3 companionships. So as it turns out we are now covering Sycamore Grove as well as Windmill springs. The good thing is they both meet at the same building so that will make it easier to make it to all of the meetings and what not as they overlap a little. We finished off all of the lessons with sister Caraway that night as well as started them with sister Jorgensen.

Thursday we met with the Elders in the morning to get a run down on some of the people they were working with which sadly isn't a lot. We had some problems with the ipads as we were trying to get them to sync all of the right info and they were telling us we were unauthorized to use the app so that was great. So we did what we could without access to our schedule or the information addresses and phone numbers of the people we are working with. We were able to call Karlee someone that the elders contacted into and set up a time to meet with her the next day but when that time came around she wasn't home so we will just have to try again later.

Friday we had zumba. It finally let us into our area book app to where we found our whole schedule to be deleted and half of our teaching records to be messed up so that was awesome. Good thing it was weekly planning day. But it took literally all day as we had to re do all of the plans for everyone as they were all deleted. And try and make sense of what they elders had in their area book which was a huge mess. So now we have to go through our ward list on the area book all over again and then try and do the same for the new ward. Like it even took us 45 minutes to get our schedule back in. That's 45 minutes of my life and mission that I will never get back. After dinner we were able to stop by a former who let us in and said we could come back next week. It has been a while since the sisters have last seen her and from what we can tell she loves the church but is just scared of baptism so we will see what happens there.

Saturday the elders called us to go to this service at a less active/ part member couples ranch that is in our new ward. So we go out there to this place was 7 miles out of the city into the hills. They had a small little ranch. they were needed help pulling some weeds and stuff but what the Elders failed to tell us was that they would be branding some cows. These were a bunch of city boys that were super excited. But branding cows isn't necessarily the kind of service missionaries are supposed to do so we had to make sure that everyone was not actually in there getting kicked by the cows. Because again these are stupid city boys that were just so excited to pet a cow and get their selfies with them and get a video. After that when we got back to civilization we lost the use to our area book app again As the church is making the switch to samsung we are having a few problems with the apple devices so yeah by this point we were ready to just drop our ipads off a bridge. So yeah we also saw sister Stearns like usual. It was the adult session of stake conference that night so we went to that.

Sunday was Stake conference. We also tried to drop by some of these "investigators" that the Elders had in the area book. There were several that haven't been taught in hundreds of days so yeah we just had to go and knock on their doors and see if we needed to drop them or not. Nothing too exciting. We did have another lesson with the Wathors. Again they are just awesome.

So yeah just another crazy week trying to figure life out here in Livermore. Each week always tends to bring some form of new fiasco lately.

Well I hope you feel better soon and have a great week!

Sister Doig


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