July 11, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Smith

Kaylene's July 11, 2016 Letter


Okay no I didn't bawl like a little baby. Like who do you think I am. But yes I loved Sister 'Iloa and honestly I don't know if I would still be out here if it weren't for her.

Yeah I don't know what's up with this Redwood City Ward but if you want to find your connection to Cardston that is where you have to go I guess.

Well it sounds like Moroni's Quest was a success as always. It sounds like there were some pretty good additions this time around.

It sure sounds like a busy sabbath with coming home from the summer regional and Grandma and Grandpa Hawkes showing up. I'm glad that they made it there safely. Tell them Hi for me. As well as going to church in Waterton. And it sounds like this next week is just going to stay as busy.

Haha I couldn't have even told you that there were crazy protests going on. We are far too sheltered as missionaries. I mean sometimes it is good but other times not so much. But yes we will be careful.

Tuesday morning we saw Ellen she told us how she really liked gospel principles on Sunday. It was on fasting and so she decided that she was going to try fasting. Nothing much really going on there. It just really is two steps forward and at least one step back sometimes more. We were also able to see sister Taylor. Then we had service at the horse ranch. We then saw sister Kartchner as well as Amelia. They are all doing well.

Wednesday started off with a trip to the mission office. We were there all morning. Our phones were combined. As well as Sister Smith needed the screen on her iPad replaced as she cracked it the other day. Also Sister Smith has to meet with sister Holt from the office once a week or so to work on school stuff. So we just alternate between her coming up here and us going down there. Anyway that ended up being a long trip.

We then came home and saw Betty. As well as Terry Prater.

The story of Terry is she contacted our bishop and said that she had a sister-in-law who is a member that has taught her lots about the church through the years and that she has just recently come to know that they are true. She said that she was going to come to church as soon as possible but it would be hard for her as she has to carry oxygen as well as she has fractures in her spine so she is in pain all the time. Also she asked if he could send someone over to teach her more. So that's where we came in. She is 71 and is the definition of a golden investigator. We taught her the restoration and she just absolutely loved it. We talked about Joseph Smith and she just says I already know that he was a prophet. We then talked about the Book of Mormon and she said that she already knew it to be true as well. When we handed her her own copy of it she just hugged it and said how happy she was to have one of her very own. I can't even remember where it came up but she randomly brought up coffee and was telling us how about 2 months ago she would make her coffee and she would only be able to take like 2 sips before dumping it out because it just doesn't taste good anymore. We were able to set a baptismal date with her. Our only issue is going to be getting her to church. We have members willing to help but sometimes she is just in too much pain to come and especially to sit for a long time. So hopefully we can get things to work out that way. She was telling us how she is waiting to have surgery on her back which should take away the pain and then in turn she will be able to make it to church more often. So we hope this surgery can happen sooner rather than later. So yeah that was super exciting to say the least.

Of course since we had such a good day on Wednesday, Thursday had to be a rough day. The food bank asked us if we could come and do service on Thursdays instead of Fridays. We are usually there for 2 hours but after about an hour they told us that we had finished everything that they had planned for the day and sent us off. So then we had a random hour to fill. All of our appointments fell through so we called a bunch of other people and set up appointments which also ended up falling through. We then went to our service at Ivy League. We get to the site where we were to work only to find that someone had recently just mowed the whole thing so we couldn't actually do anything there. Luckily they had another site a couple of blocks away that we were able to do some work on.

Then we met with Phillip who just got back after being away for several weeks. We just kinda caught up with him and then continued into our next lesson. We talked about the word of wisdom. He was okay with most of it but when it came to coffee he kinda freaked out but after further discussion he agreed and said that he would try to quit but that he wasn't going to be able to quit cold turkey but would slowly try to stop. But as for the only herbal tea part....yeah that didn't go over so well. It is not fun trying to tell a Chinese man that he can't drink green tea. He said that giving up tea would be disrespecting his culture. He then went on to say that Joseph Smith said no hot drinks he didn't say no green tea and therefore it is a grey area and he said to just leave the grey area grey. After further discussion that just kinda came down to something he is going to pray about. So yeah that was fun.

Friday was another unproductive day. It started with ZTM which always goes on forever. Then we were able to visit with Jason. We had just found out that it was officially decided that he was to get the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday so we just talked about the priesthood. He was super excited about it all. But as the lesson went on I could tell that sister Smith wasn't feeling all that great. So when we got out to the car I asked how she was feeling and she said sick but okay.

We had planned to drop by a couple more people before heading home but I asked her to make a decision as to if she just needed to go home. She wouldn't make a decision and I said I couldn't make it because I didn't know how she felt. She then finally admitted that she felt like she could throw up so we headed home. She rested for a while and then we needed to do weekly planning so we did that and had some food and then she just headed to bed for the night.

Saturday was the longest day of my life. I got up and followed the regular morning schedule then sister Smith came rolling out of bed. She made the transition from the bed to the couch. It was closer to lunch time before she would finally admit that she felt worse than she did the day before. She then finally let me call the elders to come over and give her a blessing. So yeah she spent the whole day sleeping on the couch. Everyone thinks it would be great to just "take a break". But it really sucks. The day goes on forever. It's not like you can just sit there and watch a movie or something (unless you're a big fan of watching the restoration). I pretty well just spent the whole day at my desk studying. I was finally able to read some of those books that I took with me. I think the worst part about it is you are just chilling by yourself all day. I had to be quiet so she could sleep and it's not like there's anyone to talk to. Just me chilling in silence. I barely left my desk all day. So yep just lots of reading only broken up to take a short nap.

On Sunday I knew Sister Smith wouldn't be able to get up in time for ward council so we just sent our ward mission leaders with a list of things to talk about. Sister Smith then insisted that she was well enough to at least go to a portion of our Redwood City ward. So we went to sacrament and gospel principles but then I had to take her home so she could rest some more. We had intentions of at least going to the gospel principles portion of the Palo Alto 2nd ward but that didn't happen. So that meant that a large portion of my day was again dedicated to reading. All I can say is why was Talmage so dang smart (or maybe I'm just dumb). I have to look up like every other word in his books and read each sentence several times before I can make any sense out of it. They are really good they just take a lot of effort to read. But Sunday was more tolerable than Saturday because sister Smith actually woke up close to 4 she still wasn't feeling well enough to leave but we were at least able to talk. We watched "The Testaments" and "Meet the Mormons". We also played some cards. So yeah that was a lot better than just spending the day at my desk. Slowly but surely she was showing signs of improvement.

So yeah it has been a pretty unproductive week.

This morning Sister Smith is doing much better but still not great. With it being Pday we just decided to run our errands and take it easy so we can hit the ground running tomorrow. It will be nice to finally get back to work.

Any ways have a great week!

Love ya,
Sister Doig


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