March 14, 2016


Red Wood City, CA, USA


Sister Palmer

Kaylene's March 14, 2016 Letter


Yeah it sure sounds like you had a very busy week. I'm glad that you did get to go and watch a game even if it made you a little tired.

That's crazy that Nathan did that well. I'm sure if he keeps that up and continues to practice that he will qualify for the national team. That's so awesome!

Well we had pouring rain for at least some portion if not all day every day this week. Good thing we got to spend most of it indoors.

We didn't get to have any lessons with Tifanie and Xiomara this week our schedules just didn't line up but their visiting teacher had them over and got them going on family history stuff. They were able to find a few names and then planned to go to the temple on Saturday. Tifanie backed out at the last minute but Xiomara went. We haven't been able to talk to them since. I hope it was a great experience for them though.

We have a potential investigator named Eddie and French is his first language his English is okay but not great. He is from the Congo. He has come to church a couple of times but we haven't been able to meet with him yet. He works 2 jobs so is never at home (welcome to silicon valley). But we did get a few materials in French like the book of mormon and the pamphlets so we dropped those by. Of course he was at work so we left it all with his wife and explained what everything was to her. And by we I mean Sister Palmer because his wife doesn't speak English at all but Sister Palmer has been taking French in College so she did all the talking and I did the sitting there and looking pretty part. So yeah hopefully we will be able to find a space in his schedule where we can teach him.

I finally got the apartment all clean and good thing too because someone came by this week to inspect it. They were supper nice and brought us fresh picked oranges from their tree.

We had to super clean the car this week as well because we had zone conference which includes a car inspection. Zone conference was great. I love President and Sister Mella. The Assistants talked about journeying to higher ground. Sister Mella talked about ordinances and covenants. And President Mella talked a lot about finding as well as using our I pads and repentance. We also watched the new Easter video that the church did. They released it yesterday. It is so good I encourage all of you to watch it. I get to see it multiple times a day for the next couple of weeks. Our job is to just promote the heck out of it. It sure makes dinner messages easy.

We have an eternigator. His name is William. He has had all of the lessons more than once and goes to church each week and serves in the primary with his wife (she's a member) he just hasn't gotten wet yet. Either way it was his daughters baptism this weekend. His wife asked us to give the talks at the baptism. She doesn't have many family member that are members nor was she getting support from the primary so she was freaking out and starting to wonder if she could even have a baptism. So yeah we agreed to give the talks especially because we knew that William would be there and it would be a great spiritual experience for him. It was a nice baptism small, short, and sweet. It was really cool. In her confirmation she was told how much of an example she was being to her father that day in getting baptized. And you could tell that he felt it. So yeah hopefully we can continue to work with that family as well.

We also got another new investigator. She was a referral from one of the Elders in our zone. They had been meeting with her but it was hard because she is a single sister plus she technically lives in our boundaries so they decided to hand her over. Her name is Crystal. She isn't a big fan of change so it was hard to get a hold of her. But she did finally call us back and we set up an appointment for the next day. Well we got a phone call later that day she was kind of freaking out. She has been going through trial after trial and she had just gotten fired to she was wondering if we could stop by. So we made time in our schedule and visited with her. For the most part we listened and then just quickly testified of Jesus Christ and how he can help her through all of her trials. Then we were still able to go over for our appointment the next day. We decided to start the lessons over because the Elders hadn't seen her in a while and she said that she didn't really remember what they had taught.

It was stake conference yesterday. It was all about Helping and loving others by seeing them through God's eyes as well as missionary work.

This morning we had Sister's PDay. What that is is three zones worth of sisters (the same zones we had zone conference with) met with Sister Mella for breakfast and a devotional. So that pushed our schedule back just a little bit. But it was fun to just hang out as Sisters and get to know each other and Sister Mella a little bit better.

I hope you have a great week and don't work too hard.

Love ya
Sister Doig


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