June 13, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Motley

Spiritual Thought!!


This week was so great!!! Here's a little spiritual thought (:

In the Book of Alma we read about Alma the younger & Amulek's missionary work throughout the city Ammonihah. The companionship had just finished preaching to the Saints, standing up to mean men, healing Zeezrom, & establishing the Church in Sidom. To anyone this would have been taxing work, but especially for Amulek who had "forsaken all... for the word of God" (Alma 15:16). He had left everything to gain more. He was all in.

I love what his companion Alma did to ease Amulek's burden. "Now Alma having seen all these things... took Amulek into his own house, and did administer unto him in his tribulations and strengthened him in the Lord" (Alma 15:18). Alma had just experienced the same hardships that Amulek had faced. Yet at the end of the day Alma chose to serve Amulek.

This reminds me of a line in the hymn "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief." In the song the narrator finds a man who is in need of help. As he helps the stranger he says "I had myself a wound concealed, but from that hour [I] forgot the smart & peace bound up my broken heart." I testify that when we lose ourselves in the work of serving others, we find everything that we're missing. Truly when we're in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God. This is something that we can consciously do every day.

So here is your invitation: after a long day of hard work, find someone more to serve & experience the healing that comes from healing others!

Have a super great week!

- Sister Abbott (:


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