May 24, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Motley

Miracles!! Kiss Jesus??

Hello everyone!! I am doing much much better this week than last week which is great!!! I'm actually totally back to normal now- hurrah!!!!

We see miracles every day in this wonderful work! ♥️😇

"Miracles can come as answers to prayer. They are not always what we ask for or what we expect, but when we trust in the Lord, He will be there, and He will be right. He will suit the miracle to the moment we need it." (Elder Ronald A Rasband)

- We have truly been seeing many miracles in the work! This week we were calling sister Brown to ask her a question and then next thing we knew we received like 3 nonmember referrals from us. It was awesome. We have an appointment set up with 1 of them. Waiting to hear back from another one about a time that will work for both her and her husband and the third one has phone issues so we haven't been able to touch base with her yet. Talk about miracles though!!! SO GOOD!!!!!

- After having to take it so easy last week it felt really great to get right back into the full swing of things (: We have had a lot of teaching appointments and great finding experiences too. We went for a walk around Henderson Lake (with a super cute dog named Cado... like avocado. so fun!)and a JW started talking to us. It was actually a super interesting conversation and we were able to share what we believe and it was well received. We shall see if it'll go anywhere!!

- We had a picnic lunch with Valerie at the pond.. She has taught me so much through her words and actions. It is so clear that her family means so much to her. They are all kind of struggling right now- especially her marriage. It has been a blessing for us to be able to comfort her and be an ear for her to be heard. The main thing she encourages is to Be Friends First!! Have an actual friendship that you can then base a romantic relationship off of afterwards. Valerie has faith and is trying to deepen it but it can be hard still sometimes. I'm really proud of her though and the steps she's taking to come closer to Jesus Christ.

- Marcella is doing so well!! We had a discussion about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She really appreciated the scriptures we shared with her and said she has a lot to ponder this week- it was all really resonating with her!! She painted us beautiful flowers, what a tender gift. She is such a talented artist. I'm grateful to know her. At the end of the lesson she was like "You know what... when i see God and Jesus i am going to give them a BIG...FAT..... KISS... ON THE LIPS" !!!!!!!!!!! It was insane hahahhaha. They way she said it and everything we were like "Okayyyyy. Never heard that before!" Hahhahaha!! I love her. She is an angel in my life.

- Got my vaccine on Wednesday!

Have a great week everyone! I really appreciate all of you <3 Have a great week!! We did a lot more this week to, I'm just having a hard time remembering ooooops!!

Miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Abbott

P.S. Huge shoutout and congrats to my cousin Liam and Amberlee on their engagement!!!!


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