May 11, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Motley

3 months left! Super sick...

Hello everyone!!! I am alive...barely!

First of all: Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing mothers and women, I am so grateful for all of you and for the ways you have taught me, helped me and been there for me!!! Big shout-out to my mom- you're the best 😘

To be honest this week was kind of wild! On Wednesday I ended up getting super sick in the morning and things just went super downhill pretty fast and it ended up with me in the hospital on Thursday. They got me some iv fluids and some pain meds (my eyes were burning like crazy, my head was in so much pain, I had a fever of 40⁰ and I kept having super sharp chest pain and rib pain when I breathed!) and then they sent me back on my way! They sent us home at around 4am but i didn't remember anything that happened after 1am... until my companion started to remind me of what happened. Basically I lost all feeling in my body from my bottom lip down and it was super scary and my body just started to freak out. Definitely don't recommend!

Since then I've slowly but surely been getting better. I've received 2 negative covid tests but I had legit all the symptoms of covid.... the nurse lady said it must be some random flu. Definitely is the worst flu I've ever had...

BUT I am SO grateful for the priesthood. While I was in the hospital I received a blessing from one of the doctors and then a little bit later I received another one from my mission president and i know that they helped me a ton. My testimony of the priesthood has been strengthened this week ((:

On Tuesday this week (before I got sick) we delivered cookies to a bunch of our friends (we didn't make the cookies, don't worry) and we got to spend some time outside with Kiran. She is really such an angel. She was telling us about how much she just loves reading the scriptures because she feels the spirit and she feels God's love. She reads them multiple times a day so she can continually feel God's love. So precious!
We also saw Sean again for the first time in forever and it was awesome! He is doing well and wants to start coming to church again!

This scripture has been on my mind lately...

"Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy."

I've been studying this scripture for awhile and I've realized there's absolutely no reason not to find this joy in everything you do. I've also realized this joy I've felt is because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Even in times where it's so hard to find the joy, there is joy!! God LOVES us! He has given us so much to help us find this joy everyday!

I hope you can all choose to find the joy through Christ! :)

Love you all! Miss you all!! Thank you for your prayers, have the best week ever!

ALSO I somehow only have 3 months left... that is not ok! Where has the time gone!?!!?

♡ Sister Abbott


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