May 10, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Motley

Spirt filled week + a black eye

Hello my fav people!!! Love and MISS you ALL!!!!! 💕💕💕💕

- Marcella!! We had another epic meeting with her and the Bikmans this week!! We love meeting with them and doing it every week now. She shared a great story of faith and it was so inspiring.

- we met with Valerie again this week. Its become a weekly thing on Saturdays. I love it!! We walked to the pond near her house and just sat in the long grass and we bore testimony and shared our thoughts and beliefs. It was honestly a beautiful conversation and I felt the spirit helping me know what to share with her. I love being a missionary

- Taylors parents are now on board for her to get baptized. It is so exciting!!! She is so pumped and it just makes us that much more happier too!! May 29th at 11am MST!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! We had the best time with her on Sunday and helped her look for cute white dresses online, it was fun!! Her testimony is so strong and she shared some of her thoughts with us and ah! It was just so good!!!!

- we had a great time with Kiran and Kashev this week as well, they are both so prepared and so ready to accept the gospel. All of their family is still in India and they are all very sick with covid... on Sunday his grandparents both died. Its a really scary time for their family so please pray for them if you can!!!

On Sunday someone bore their testimony of the Saviors grace. They talked about the biggest lie we tell ourselves, Me + More = Jesus. If I could just be kinder, smarter, better, I would be more like Jesus. If I did [ _______ ] better Jesus would love me more. That is a LIE!! There is so halfway, no checkpoint, no goal I have to reach to be loved by my Savior. The truth is, Me + Jesus = MORE. HE is the difference. He is grace, He is faithful, He is unchanging, He is my brother. HE is the difference.

If realized that if I can just always remember that, my life will be more joyful. Jesus will always turn what I have into enough. I am grateful for that reminder this week!!

Also I got a black eye this week ✌ its better now but it was kinda wild.

Thanks everyone for your emails this week, sorry I'm the worst and haven't responded yet, I will next week....promise!! Today we fished again and played disc golf again but at a new park this time!!!!

Love you all!!!
Sister Abbott (:


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