April 18, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Jacobs

Training!! Kiran!! Soup kitchen!

Hey everyone!!! Wow this was a great week!!! I'll write about some of it (:

- We were all over the place in Taber, Lethbridge and Coutts, Milk River, Stirling and Calgary!! It was super fun to be serving with Sister Jacob for a couple of days! But guess what?!?! I have yet another amazing companion now! Her name is Sister Motley and she is brand new. She is an angel, my bestie and a total answer to my prayers!!! Yay!! I love her!!!!

- We had an amazing lesson with Kiran about the Plan of Salvation! The spirit was seriously so strong. I feel like i am finally getting better at teaching people vs. teaching lessons. It has become a lot more natural for me to be able to be more personal with people and be more open! So that was really special to connect with her (: she is amazing! She is now on date to be baptized on May 1! I'm so happy for her!! As we were reading scriptures together she kept saying " these are answering questions i have always wondered but never could figure out!!!!" (For example she was wondering what would happen after we die, or what the resurrection would look like etc.) the Book of Mormon truly does answer the questions so many souls have!

-We had a really eye opening lesson with Darcie around a fire. It was good, she really opened up to us! She has a lot of concerns. She has had really hurt feelings in the past and she just doesn't really care about changing or anything right now (that's what she tells us) but then she also wants to still meet with us. Luckily we can all heal as we turn to Christ so we are just trying to help her with that!

- Volunteering at the soup kitchen this week was really a great time but it also just breaks my heart to see all of those people who are just straight up struggling and in need of love and so much more. I wish I could do more for them, I definitely enjoy the conversations I can have with them. They are all kind and have stories!

- With the warmer weather we have been getting out for morning runs! Makes me super happy!! We went with some other missionaries this morning too, we woke up at 6 to run with the sunrise and then we went fishing at a little stocked pond. It was a ton of fun!!

I hope that you are all happy and you can see the miracles in your life! As Elder Rasband said in General Conference "Miracles, signs, and wonders abound among followers of Jesus Christ today, in your lives and in mine." Even small miracles are evidence of God's love for His children!

(If you haven't watched the special Easter Sunday General Conference go watch it here!! Like actually go watch it right now!!)

Our Heavenly Father, the Supreme Creator of the universe loves you! Don't forget the importance of that! Let that knowledge strengthen you, because I know it strengthens me!

You are all in my prayers!

I love all of you!! Have a great week!!

💕 Sister Abbott


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