April 12, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Jacobs

Alpacas! General Conference!

Hello hello!!! There is SUNSHINE in my soul today!! The weather is so warm and sunny today, I feel so happy!!

Highlights from this week:

- One was General Conference!! It was such an uplifting and enlightening weekend. I'm so grateful for the answers to questions i received and for the hope that it gave me. I took notes during the whole thing basically!!

- Kiran and her husband watched every session and they loved it so that made me happy!!

- We had an awesome bbq and campfire with the Coopers and with Darcee and Elkee. We got to know more of her thoughts and feelings about God and about our church. It seems like she has a testimony but she is holding onto feelings of hurt from a couple years ago. She isn't willing right now to forgive and move on. We hope that one day she will be because she is only holding herself back. That is one of the beautiful things about the atonement of Jesus Christ. It heals us and helps us to let go and let be of hard or hurt or sad feelings!

- We had an awesome call with Chris and talked about the Commandments and how they are really just guidelines for us to follow to help us be protected! Chris is super chill and loved discussing them

President Nelson invited us to do, "Start today to increase your faith in Jesus Christ."
Start today to change and become better! Before my mission I didn't make the Gospel a priority in my life. I didn't realize how it can help us in every aspect of life. Don't be oblivious to the opportunities we have because of Jesus Christ like I was. Choose to start today and try to make His Gospel a priority in your life, because I know everything else will fall into place. God is among us!

I love this verse ----> Psalms 118:24
"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

Be happy :) Love you all!!

Sister Abbott


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