April 5, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Jacobs

Campfire, Doggos, New Comp!

Hey everyone! This week is going to be shorter bc of time but this week was so crazy! It was super great honestly!!!

Some of my hiiiiilights!!:

- We had an amazing lesson with Kiran and KD (her husband) It was a bible study at a campfire (all my stuff smells hardcore like smoke now) and we had a potluck and it felt normal!! It was awesome. And I got to play hide and seek with the cute little kids! Ah it made my heart happy (: Anyways, then we read Matt 28 and talked about Christ's Resurrection and everything in there. The spirit was so strong! And KD was super into it and talked about how grateful he was for Christ. It was so tender. We also taught the restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon- they were so happy!!!

- We almost ran over 2 cute dogs in the middle of nowhere so we stopped and helped them out!! We got to spend some time with them while we searched for their owners! It was a fun experience and I lowkey wanted to keep one of them haha! I love animals!

- We have been meeting so many new people, it has been really fun! A lot of people really appreciate just having someone to talk to and connect with, I'm grateful I get to be that person for some of the people here! As a result we have come in contact with lots of people with complicated lives who are in need of help and searching for peace. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help us all feel more peace in our lives, I'm so grateful for it!

Also a change- a sweet sister in my district went home for medical reasons today ): and so now my old comp (Sister Wilhelm) has gone with the missionaries over the website to learn from them before one of them goes home at transfers (in 10 days) and now my new comp is Sister Jacobs! (for the next 10 days, until transfers, and then we shall see what happens)

P.S. ALSO, this weekend we have the privilege of listening to the Lord's voice through His appointed Prophet and servants and to have our spirits filled more than we can imagine 🤩 Here's the link for it. I promise with my WHOLE heart you will not regret taking time out of your weekend (Saturday and Sunday from 1-am-12pm and 2pm-4pm both days, you can watch any of them!) to tune into it if you sincerely seek to hear Him as you watch. It is a great way to celebrate Easter Sunday:

Love you all! have a great week!! I really hope you can tune in for general conference, reach out to me if you have any questions!

<3 Soeur Abbott


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