March 28, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Wilhelm

Kiran!! Cookies!!

Hey! This week was awesome! We had a blast this week! Here are some of the highlights!

-Yesterday one of our friends, Kiran, came to church (she even came in person) for the first time!! We were so happy to see her there and she ended up also bringing her 4 y/o son and her husband! (We thought she was coming alone!) People welcomed her and she felt loved. The best part of all though was seeing her feel the spirit during the meeting. When the speakers talked she listened intently! When the music was being played she closed her eyes to really focus, she is a great example to me. At the end of the meeting she had the biggest smile on her face! She said "I will be here every week! You don't have to wait for me on the lobby. I will come right in. I feel so happy and peaceful. The energy in this room is unlike anything I have ever felt before!" Of course we explained that that was the spirit she was feeling and that she is more than welcome to come every week! It was incredible!!

- The weather here has been really nice which makes people want to be outside more which means we have had people cancel more than normal! So we have done a ton of cookie drop offs to try and help find more people to teach! Most people were super kind but there was a healthy amount of rejection (; so that was fun haha!! I love being a missionary!!

- We had multiple meals outside this week which was super fun!! I love eating outside and being with people in person!! Especially when the weather is nice!!

- Today for Pday we went for a fun bike ride with the elders and brother Gibb! And we went for a hike down in the Coolies! Being outside is the best thing ever!

- This week i found out that I officially have been assigned to this mission and Tahiti is not an option for sure! I basically already knew but now it is official (: good thing I absolutely love it here!!

- I have been learning a lot here in this area and with this companion! I've come to appreciate the little things even more. There is joy in everything! Even the littlest of things!! ((: try and find joy in something each day!! I promise you will feel happier if you do that!

Spiritual thought: this is straight up from talk i read this week that was super good!
I love analogies!

"Suppose for a moment a man contemplating an exhilarating free fall makes a rash decision and spontaneously jumps from a small plane. After doing so, he quickly realizes the foolishness of his actions. He wants to land safely, but there is an obstacle—the law of gravity. He moves his arms with astounding speed, hoping to fly, but to no avail. He positions his body to float or glide to slow the descent, but the law of gravity is unrelenting and unmerciful. He tries to reason with this basic law of nature: “It was a mistake. I will never do it again.” But his pleas fall on deaf ears. The law of gravity knows no compassion; it makes no exceptions. Fortuitously, though, the man suddenly feels something on his back. His friend in the plane, sensing the moment of foolishness, had placed a parachute there just before the jump. He finds the rip cord and pulls it. Relieved, he floats safely to the ground. We might ask, “Was the law of gravity violated, or did that parachute work within that law to provide a safe landing?”

When we sin, we are like the foolish man who jumped from the plane. No matter what we do on our own, only a crash-landing awaits us. We are subject to the law of justice, which, like the law of gravity, is exacting and unforgiving. We can be saved only because the Savior, through His Atonement, mercifully provides us with a spiritual parachute of sorts. If we have faith in Jesus Christ and repent (meaning we do our part and pull the rip cord), then the protective powers of the Savior are unleashed on our behalf and we can land spiritually unharmed."

Let me know your thoughts on that!

Love you all! ♡♡

Sister Abbott


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