March 13, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Wilhelm

Elder Renlund, New Friends!!

Hey everyone!!!

So turns out I LOVE Lethbridge and everyone and everything here!! This week was warm and there was lots of sunshine and it was so good for my soul!! Made me super happy (: plus we saw so many miracles so that was pretty cool (; here are some highlights!!

- This week had the special opportunity to be on a zoom call with Elder Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles! He met with our entire mission Thursday night and then he met with just the sisters on Friday night!! He also answered a bunch of questions that we had all sent to him. He said something really cool at the beginning that really touched me. He said that President Nelson knew that Elder Renlund was meeting with us and wanted him to let us know how grateful he was for our service as missionaries and for the sacrifices we have made. So that made me feel pretty awesome! He also talked a lot about how Christ fixes what we can't. That made a huge impact on me because I love to fix things and i feel way bummed when I can't fix them! But Christ can!! He makes up the rest after we do all that we can!

- We drove down to Coutts yesterday for church and it felt like a little road trip haha since its like an hour away! But it was so great to be there and see people down there. Someone named Jake and his daughter Storm came for the first time!! And they both bore their testimonies!!! So that was awesome!!! And totally unexpected, who bears their testimony the first time they ever come to church!?!?!

- Kiran!! She is so cute!! She is a young mom that we met recently because she requested a bible! We started doing Bible studies with her which has been super fun! She is the most friendly, bubbly and talkative person ever- I love it!!!

- Valerie!!! She's from France but moved here 32 years ago to be a nanny!!! She is pretty hippy and au natural- it's awesome!! We started teaching her and it's all in French! Talk about blessings!! I've been wanting to improve my French- its trash hahaha. We are also teaching a cute little boy named Ogba who speaks with ASL! And sister Wilhelm studied that at university before the mission! So that is extremely cool!

- A member here found out that we hardly ever get fed so he took us to Costco and bought two weeks of food for us.... so crazy! Talk about an answer to prayers!!

- Something else I loved this week was this thought " are you going to let your circumstances change your commitment to Christ?" Something to think about!!!

Love you all SO much!!!

💕🤗 Soeur Abbott


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