March 3, 2021


Lethbridge, Alberta


Sister Wilhelm

1 year, Transfers, Trevor!!!

This week was crazy! I got transferred to Lethbridge... I was NOT expecting that but I'm starting to realize that this is where I am supposed to be!! It has been difficult though if I'm being honest, just because it is so different here and change is hard sometimes! I'm getting used to it though and i know that it will all work out and be good!!

Some highlights:

- 3 days ago I hit my one year mark since I entered the MTC! So much has happened since then it's crazy when I think about it, but here I am now, serving in the Canada Calgary Mission and absolutely loving it❤ so far

-We had an amazing lesson with Trevor!! He is now on date to be baptized on March 13!!! I'm super excited for him!!! The lesson had started off on a sad note as Trevor was having a hard day, and almost didn't show up at all! But as we started talking to him about his struggles and sharing scriptures and our faith in Christ's power to heal and help us, his whole countenance changed and his attitude switched from being down to saying "I know what I need to do. I've got this." Then he brought up Baptism himself, and one thing led to another, and he agreed to be baptized on March 13th! It was one of the best experiences ever!! It was honestly incredible.

- Meeting the members here in Lethbridge, Sterling and Coutts has been really fun, there are so many people to get to know and to love, I'm excited!

- on Saturday our friend Betty was baptized and it was a beautiful evening!!

- every Tuesday and Friday we volunteer at the foodbank here and it is so much fun, the other volunteers have SO much energy and we did "Olympics" lime throwing rotten apples in the garbage, frisbee tossing cheese onto sandwiches and having a race at using the pricing gun on items (: it was really fun.

I'm trying me best to get used to it here, but it is still kind of tough for sure!! I've been finding it kind of overwhelming but I'm trying to channel that into positive energy and motivation to work harder!!

l just want to leave with my testimony that I know God is in the details of our lives and puts people and things in our path that we need to help us on our journeys. Sometimes we don't realize it until we look back and see where we've come from, but I know He's always there!! Let Him know you're there as well 🙏

I would love to hear from you all <3

Love, Sister Abbott


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