January 17, 2021


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

The Sharpes got Baptized!!

Hello!! this week was full of miracles- i can't even believe it!!

Full Send.... were the words that started off this week of miracles. They say that when it rains it pours and we really saw God do something absolutely unimaginable this week!

-On Monday evening we felt impressed to have our friends, the Sharpe's, be interviewed for baptism even though they had not chosen a baptismal date yet. After the interview they realized how ready they were to be baptized and didn't want to wait even one more moment to receive those blessings! In response to a baptismal invitation from our district leader Travis replied, "full send," and the whole family was baptized on Thursday evening. We know that this was an absolute tender mercy and that God has such a hand in our lives!! A beautiful moment of the baptism was Travis' testimony that "finding out we can live with our families forever was enough for me." In response to this, our ward mission leader got their whole family special permission to meet with the temple president and matron inside the Calgary temple this week and we are beyond excited for them!! Christine also bore her testimony on how "there is beauty in the trials" and they have shaped her into who is now and helping her be where she is now too!! It was so special to see them baptized as a family and to see the pure joy on their face the whole time and especially after they came out of the water!

-We also had an amazing lesson with Ken and Cassie this week! I love them and really feel like Ken is my grandpa haha!!
Besides the baptism this week we also saw God's hand in so many other areas of our life! Jaxon will be getting baptized on the 23rd!! Gabby will be baptized on the 30th! Amazing!

-One scripture that really has stood out to me this week is D&C 63:9 which says "But, behold, faith cometh not by signs, but signs follow those that believe." It truly is our faith in Christ that allows miracles to happen. As a missionary I have felt privileged to be able to see people's faith in Christ grow and motivate them to change their lives for the better. We can "have hope through the atonement of Christ," (Moroni 7:41) because "He has suffered these things for all, that (we) might not suffer if (we will) repent." (D&C 19:16) As we exercise our faith in Jesus Christ, He helps us change. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves each of you and that His greatest desire is your eternal joy!

Also- Sister MacDonald goes home on Tuesday and i am so so so sad... i have just loved serving with her and learning from her. So anyways, i will be getting a new companion on Thursday, so stay tuned!

Full send following the Savior and never forget that God is in the details!!

Love you all!

Soeur Abbott


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