January 7, 2021


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

Wake got Baptized!!


Brother Glenfield gave the talk about baptism and shared this equation n + *infinity emoji* = *infinity emoji* and it is exactly up Wakes alley! Wake is so into science and equations and all that type of stuff, and so true! Jesus Christ is constant and infinite! He helps us overcome anything and He is who we turn to. So we are the n value. He is the *infinite emoji* and he helps us become *infinite emoji*. but ya, Saturday was the best day ever. He was so happy and excited and the spirit was so strong! AHH! I'm so happy for him!!

- This week someone was talking about Covid and all the changes that happened in 2020. She said "I hope I get it" referring to hope to get Covid to get it over with but it really stuck with me. I hope that I get understanding as to why covid is happening, what does God want us to learn from this trial? I hope that I come out of the pandemic wiser and more able to recognize what is important to me! And what matters most. So, I hope too that "I get it" but probably in a different sense that most people think.

- Happy New Year!!! For New Years Eve we played cards and made monkey bread for breakfast the next day! We went to bed at 10:30pm, like usual, but then set an alarm for 11:58 and we opened fun New Year cracker type things and it was so much fun!!

- This week we had a meeting with our ESL team! We had to put a gospel message together and it was tons of fun! We used google slides and it was fun to get back into using that again- i have forgotten so much since high school... lol! Going back to university will be interesting. But ya, google slides are fun. Gospel messages for people who don't speak much English is fun. Life is fun!
- This Sunday was fast Sunday at Church! It was the best ever!! Travis, Jack and Austin Sharpe shared their testimonies at church and it was the most amazing meeting ever! Literally the spirit was so strong the entire time!! 21 people ended going up in the 30 mins available! It was crazy! not a single moment of silence! It was so so good!! The best part is that it is all streamed and saved over YouTube so we can go back and watch it after haha!!!

-Danielle and Hailey and the boys! This week we had a lesson with so many Calkins!! We had one with Danielle, one with Hailey and 2 with Danielle + Max + Caleb! They are all so sweet and are really coming to know that there is more to life than what it seems (: It has been really special to see their family grow closer together ❤ And Andrew, the dad has been meeting with the Elders!

- This is my last full week with Sister Macdonald... she goes home in 8 days ): so sad!

- Pray for the Sharpe family that they will be able to be baptized this week before Austin has to go back home to his moms house in Grand Prairie!!

I hope you all had a great week and I would love to hear from you!

❤Soeur Abbott


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