January 1, 2021


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

Happy New Year!! Debbie!! Snowshoeing!

Hello! Merry Christmas again!! Happy New Year!!

Update: Starting January 4th my Pday to email home will be on Mondays! So that's fun and exciting (:

This week was so awesome!!! Every week just gets better and better!! Christmas is the bestest ever!
Here are some highlights of the week!

- Wake was super sick and even had to get tested for covid and we were so scared! but he got his results and they were negative so he is all good to be baptized on Saturday at 11am MST! We are so excited!!!!!

- Danielle and Andrew have really been having some struggles but they are slowly growing closer together again and he is having success in overcoming his addictions!! so that's amazing. We had a great contact with Hayley, Danielle's daughter, which was actually really special. She was having a rough time but she smiled when we were talking! So that was really nice. She is 15, rough age!

- Christine and Travis are doing super well! Christine and the boys are so ready and excited to be baptized! they are really just waiting for Travis to pick the day. it's looking like it will be January 7th. Please pray for them to decide on a day!

- We started teaching Debbie this week! We taught her about Jesus Christ and what he did while he was here on the earth! and about the peace that we are able to feel as we come closer to him. the entire time she kept saying "I have goosebumps! and i feel so warm inside!!" and ya, it was so sweet, we were like "That is the spirit!!"

- Today for Pday we went snowshoeing with the Vartys!! It was so much fun and the views of the mountains were amazing!!

Everyone who knows me knows that I love plans!
Everything about my mission has not gone according to "my plan"!! I put my papers in back in June 2019 planning on getting my call in July 2019 and leaving on my mission in September/ October 2019. But in reality, I didn't get my call until September 2019 and then i wasn't going to leave until Feb 6 2020! So then I get ready to leave on the 6th! But then (you guessed it!) The plan changed again and suddenly I wasn't going to leave until February 26! (Since I already knew some French). So then in February I finally left on my mission, fully expecting to not see my family again until August 2021 so that I would serve a full 18 month mission! Fast forward 5 weeks to April and suddenly I'm back home.... i thought I'd be back on my mission by the end of April and that my time at home would be short! But fast forward 4 months to August and I was still home! Luckily though in August I was able to leave again on my mission, but this time it was for the Canada Calgary Mission rather than the Tahiti Papeete Mission. Definitely different from what I expected but I know that this is where I need to be! Although nothing seemed to have gone according to MY plan, everything was according to His ❤.

"After much tribulation, the Lord … made me an instrument in his hands” (Mosiah 23:10)

I have learned a lot over the past year and have grown in ways i never would've thought! I am so so grateful to be on this amazing journey!!!

My mission President and his wife (for Tahiti) have gotten the green light to get their Visas! So they are flying to San Francisco next week to pick them up and then fly to Tahiti! So that is CRAZY exciting!! Pray that it all goes well for them and that us missionaries will be able to go there soon!!

I love you all! Happy New Year!!

❤Soeur Abbott


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