December 16, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

Gingerbread houses, Christmas is the best!!

Hello!! Merry (almost) Christmas!!!

I hope you are all feeling the spirit of Christmas and are filled with joy! My week was super great!

- they changed the rules for us missionaries this week! We are now allowed to go to the church again so we aren't locked down into our apartment! Such a blessing!

- Travis is so awesome! He invited his friend to start taking the lessons with the missionaries! So thats awesome. And now we are going to teach their whole family! We have our first lesson with all of them tomorrow. It has been so amazing to watch the Sharpe family transform! Especially their kids! They're learning so much and changing a lot! Jack (the 12 year old) wanted to say the prayer and answer all the questions!!

- this week we got so much bread! A lady we know gave us a ton of bread from Cobbs! Her entire back row and trunk of her 12 passenger van was FULL! She told us to take as much as we could lol. So we tried to haha. It was awesome! Literally have a slice of peanut butter toast every day.

- we decorated a gingerbread house today which was so fun! It was a fun time for us haha. The house totally colored at one point.

- the elders surprised us and put up lights all around our balcony!! It was such a nice surprise and exactly what sister MacDonald was talking about to me that day!

- we started teaching Krista again and im SO excited! I've missed her and we can really tell she has changed a lot and her heart has been softened!!! Ah!! Sososo good!

- we have been writing tons of Christmas cards for all our friends here and its been so fun! I've never done so many wax seals haha. I'm glad I have a ton!! People here are so loving and so giving, it has been a great week!! Our friends here have really helped us feel right at home and have been showering us with love ❤

My mission is doing a special Christmas message live event on Facebook on Sunday night at 6:30pm MST! Its going to be so good and rumor has it, me and my companion, Sister Macdonald will be singing in it! 👀👀👀

This week I was really pondering the best "recipe" for happiness and I came up with these three steps! feel like these are the three things we need to be happy, and as we follow that order, we can keep our testimony, be an example, be obedient, and have faith.
1. Love God and we show that by keeping His commandments and standards and covenants
2. Love others by working for their salvation
3. Love thyself by taking care of yourself spiritually and physically

Love you all!
❤ Soeur Abbott


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