November 29, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

Kia Ora!!

Kia Ora!! Hello!! Ia Ora Na!! Bonjour!!
How are you all doing!!?? I hope you had a great week (:

- The highlight of my week was our lesson with Wake! We read some of the Book of Enos (In the Book of Mormon) and it was just so great. I love that we can pray to God and I love knowing that He hears our prayers! AND even more importantly, we can be forgiven and we can change and become better! Also, Wake used to always show up to church in a black comic shirt and then he would wear a black shirt with a small logo and then he would wear a black shirt with a suit jacket. Then when he showed up THIS Sunday Wake showed up with a super fancy dress shirt, a tie, suit jacket and super fancy black dress shoes!!! it made my DAY!! we were always happy to see him at church, regardless, we were just extra happy to see him start to care more and more about getting ready to come!

- Christine's surgery went well! She is starting to recover now!! She also has stopped drinking coffee 100%... how amazing?!? so happy for her. we have still been teaching her over zoom (:

- Everyone we have been teaching has been doing really well and have been following through with the things they've said that they would!! We are currently teaching 19 different people! It's kind of wild!! Ken is also doing super well and just needs his divorce to be finalized so he can marry his current girlfriend of 15 years and then get baptized!! Exciting times.

- This week we did a "Day in the life" on our facebook story and it was actually super fun to do! i hope that some of you were able to see it and that it didn't spam you too much.

- At the food bank this week we were bagging a ton of frozen shrimp!! it was actually so much fun!! I loved it! I love being able to volunteer at the foodbank!!

- Funny moments: one morning we woke up and it was 8⁰ in our apartment. Literally we were freezing!!! it was rough, haha. our landlord switched out our thermostat and didn't tell us and then she set it to the lowest... it was rough. Also yesterday i hardcore slipped on the ice haha. it was so funny and a totally random lady saw me. Good times haha.

- I LOVED President Nelson's message this week, inviting us to be more grateful and to #givethanks for 7 days and then evaluate yourself after and see how much happier you feel! if you haven't seen the video... give it a watch!! It is only 11 min (:

I am THANKFUL for all of you!! Thanks for all the emails this week!!

Also this week I went shopping for pday at the mall with Auntie Katie and Auntie Tannis, Anika and Mataya!! SO FUN to see them. They helped me out a ton to revamp my wardrobe after my dryer clothing shrinking incident... huge thank you to all those who contributed to help out with that. I am so blessed. Never did i ever think i would be serving here in the Canada Calgary mission but i am so grateful to be here!!

Have an AMAZING week!!!!

Soeur Abbott <3


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