November 22, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

So Happy, Wake + Christine!!

Hello hello! 💕💕💕 This week was possibly my favorite so far!! I just feel SO SO HAPPY!!! The joy isn't comparable to anything else- helping people makes me so happy!

- this week we went to McDonald's for ice cream Sundays... twice!!! Which means..... we have TWO people on date to be baptized!!! Christine is currently on date to be baptized Dec 27. She is having a major back surgery today (Wednesday Nov 18) but she will physically be able to be baptized on the 27th of December for sure. We are hoping that her husband, Travis and her 2 boys will be ready then too! They told us that they want to be!!! And we also have WAKE bake on date! Yay!!! His will be on January 2nd. He has some things he wants to accomplish beforehand and so he chose that day!! We are just thrilled for him!!!!!!

- President and Sister Keung came down to Okotoks for interviews (1 on 1 time with President Keung to talk about how your area is doing, how you're doing, any concerns or really whatever you want to talk to him about!). So it was super nice to spend time with him!

- We went up to Calgary for flu shots this week and we took some fun pictures at the doctors office. Sister Macdonald has a hard time with needles but luckily it went OK and there were no issues!!

- Some of my friends asked me what my "lowlight" was this week and honestly i can't think of any!! Life has just been so so so good!!

I have a goal that i set 2 weeks ago of reading all of the New Testament. One quote I liked from last week was from Mark 5 when Jesus says, "Be not afraid, only believe." Sometimes it's all we can do is to believe and rely on Christ to shoulder our burdens. I'm grateful for my relationship with Him and with all the awesome people in my life, including everyone who's reading this email!!!

Have a great week!!! Can't wait to hear from you!!!

❤❤ Soeur Abbott


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