November 15, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

Miracles, Broken dryer, Life is GOOD!!

Hi!! How are all of y'all doing? I love all of you and I know that God does too!!

- Our dryer broke this week. Basically all my clothes have hardcore shrunk. Soooooo send help. Definitely was super hilarious when we first noticed everything! Not as hilarious when reality sets in. Yikes!! Good times (; got cute clothes? Send them my way plsssss!!! (;

- So we had this amazing lesson this week. We have been working with this sweet lady who used to be a member but her records were removed and technically she is no longer a member of the church. but now she wants to come back to church! After having 2 kids she found out that she wouldn't be able to have any more and she was so sad. she accepted it though and just embraced the 2 sweet boys that she has. Her husband has never been a part of any religion and is an alcoholic. He convinced her to drink with him a lot this summer and so she would but she told us about how miserable she feels when she drinks with him and all that. So in august she prayed that God would provide a way for her to stop drinking and then... in the beginning of September she found out that she is PREGNANT!! What a miracle- and a total answer to her prayers. God is so Good!! As she shared all of that with us, the spirit was the strongest I have ever felt. It was so so special. She told us the day that she found out that she was pregnant and we were amazed because we knew that she was told before that she couldn't have kids, we didn't realize any of the alcohol stuff that was going on and that the baby was an answer to that prayer too.

- We had an amazing lesson with Christine and her mom and her boys!! We taught about the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and the boys and her mom had sooo many questions but they were such good questions and the lesson went so well! Not at all how we expected but so so good nonetheless!! We are so excited to keep working with them and answering their questions and just help them come closer to Jesus Christ?!

- This week the snow came back ): but it feels more ok now because it is November haha. Winter is here! We celebrated with Slurpees the day it snowed a ton (:

- I am feeling so so happy! We have figured out a way better balance of setting up appointments in a less whacky and stressful way. We are still busy as ever and now we aren't lowkey dying at the same time (;

Ua here au ia tatou! Je vous aime tous!! I love you all!!

❤❤Soeur Abbott


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