October 18, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

Thanksgiving, pumpkins, ESL!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 🧡🥧🍂🦃 I hope you all had fun with loved ones and good food!! 🧡🧡

This week was super great!! Also this next transfer is going to be for 7 weeks. I'm staying in Okotoks with Sister Macdonald so it'll be a party!!!!!!

- this week the APs (they are missionaries who are assistants to the mission president) called us! They were being all sneaky and were like "Sisters...we have some BIG news. Do you have a minute? Ok great. Well this really is super exciting. You're going to want to sit down for this... are you sitting? Ok. Are you ready?" Meanwhile we are both freaking out, thinking that they're going to say I can go to Tahiti or something like that!!! And then really all that is was about is now me and Sister Macdonald are ESL (English as a second language) specialists for the mission. So that's fun. We do training for it on Thursday and then we will start up teaching lots of English over zoom haha.

- Sister Michel had us over to pickle beets with her!! It was so much fun!! We could only stay for just over an hour but in the end they did 34 jars! So many beets!! And then we went back over to her place on Sunday night for Thanksgiving dinner. Her family is the sweetest! They cleaned out their garage, decorated it all cute and then we all ate in there together ❤ it was one of my favorite Thanksgiving dinners ever!! So good. Side note- we got a random...Pumpkin dinner on Monday! Literally was a meat and rice dinner cooked inside of a pumpkin. Super funky. We also have a cute "gratitude" pumpkin where we write something we are grateful for on it everyday, so cute!

- We had a couple families give us some of their Thanksgiving dinner leftovers! We have way too much so we brought some to a lady named Nancy Lovejoy who is older, single and having some health issues. She was so grateful and happy. It was so sweet!!

- This week we had a lesson with all of our friends pretty much!! Wake, Tricia, Christine, The Michels, The Fourniers, Krista, and ya it was super great. They are all doing so so well!!! Especially Christine. She is so baller!!!

- We started teaching a 13 y/o named Eva!! She's so so cute and pretty much our best friend now. It has been really fun to get to know her! We brought her a Book of Mormon and a scripture calendar with it (1 scripture a day) and she was so so excited!

This week I reread some of the talks from general conference and I just love this talk!!
If you get the chance, you should totally read it!! One of my favorite parts is "I believe in angels! We are all here today, a giant army of angels set apart for these latter days, to minister to others as extensions of the hands of a loving Creator. I promise that if we are willing to serve, the Lord will give us opportunities to be ministering angels. He knows who needs angelic help, and He will put them in our path. The Lord puts those who need angelic help in our path daily." We can all minister (serve/help) people around us everyday! We never know what impact we may have on someone!! Never suppress a generous thought.

Sooo I invite ALL of you to try and be an "angel" for someone else every day this week!!!! And then email me to tell me what you did/ how it went!! (;

I love you all!! Have a great week ❤❤
Sister Abbott


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