October 13, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

General Conference, ding dong ditch!

Hi!! Happy Thanksgiving!! 🍂 🥮 🍁 I hope you all ate good food with great company!

So this week was pretty all over the place!! We saw some incredible miracles, like 16 of our friends learning about the church watched general conference!! We also had some super great things lined up for yesterday that fell through but hey, it is all good. Here are some highlights...

- Christine is still progressing super well!! We went and did a lesson with her that went wayyy long but we covered almost 50% of the principles she needs to learn before baptism. She asked us for a Bible too so we tried finding one for her and we ended up only finding this HUGE one that was in our car. It was actually so funny because it was just ridiculously big.

- There's a family in one of our wards that had a family emergency in Utah so the parents had to fly there last minute and leave the kids. So we ding dong ditched this awesome dinner and a bunch of cookies off for them. That was pretty fun and we saw the daughter (she's like 11) open the door and look around all confused.

- Okotoks food bank is a lot more different than calgary. It is so much smaller. Also sorting food is kind of confusing because some expiry dates are way off in 2025. Its fun though and the other volunteers are pretty nice so I'm excited to be doing that more!!

- We went to the Moore family for dinner this week and it was so much fun!! They had us prepare a talent so Sister Macdonald played violin and I bore my testimony. I said a sentence in tahitian and then French and then english over and over type of thing. It was actually pretty awesome, I loved it and they loved it too. Theyre a super cool family. The daughter served in Oregon and she is a party!!

- This week we had interviews with President which was cool. Its basically just time to talk and hangout with the man in charge of our mission and his wife. Theyre the best!! I love spending time with them and learning from them (:

- General Conference was so great!!!! I loved the themes of overcoming adversity, unity, and how true Christ-like love is the only way to make a difference in society. I especially loved Matthew Holland's talk. He said, "Suffering in righteousness helps you qualify for, not distinguish you from the elect." It's apparent that trials and struggles are 100% vital in developing our character and becoming like Christ. I also loved Jeffery R. Hollands talk!! He shared that it's impossible to live a faith-filled, and a worry-free life at the same time. Trials give us that opportunity to choose whom we will serve, grow our faith, and qualify us for the elect! So let's all suffer together hahaha. In joy and righteousness of course. But for real, if you want to know how to find more peace and joy in your life... HMU!!

Have a great week!
❤ Sister Abbott


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