October 2, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

Birthday, Hit and Run, all the things!

Hey!! First of all...THANK YOUUUU for all the birthday wishes!! I felt so loved!!! ❤❤❤Overall this week was so good. Monday evening we had a super rough night though. We had a scary experience that really shook us up but in the end all was good. Its a long story. Then Tuesday night we got rear ended/ hit and run by a drunk driver that also shook us up. We are both ok though. We just had to do lots of police statements and it was just not very fun or relaxing to say the least. Oh joy! Onto the good stuff though...

- I had my first zone conference!! Our mission is divided into zones that cover a large geographical area and then the zones are made up of smaller geographical areas called districts. So there are currently 6 zones in the mission. Not sure how many districts but there's lots. Anyways I got called upon so many times at zone conference. It made me kind of nervous lol. President talked about how 15 missionaries got sent home and then only 1 sister, Sister Abbott (me) came out! And basically was complimenting me or whatever so now everyone keeps teasing that I am equal to 15 missionaries (false) lol.

- This week i had my birthday!! Honestly probably my favorite birthday yet haha. I felt so loved!! Thank you to everyone who reached out and sent me a message ❤ you are all the best!! I ate so much good food on my birthday.... cinnamon buns, brownies, carrot cake (best I have had in my whole life) and pumpkin cheesecake from Lisa (that my Mom set up!!) And pumpkin cheesecake again but from the Godfreys!!!! And Alfredo Penne pasta. What a good day. (; wayyy too much food!! Sunday was fast Sunday though so that worked out well!!

- We also invited 5 people to be baptized this week so that was pretty special!!!

- We had a super great discussion with Wake! I love doing lessons with him. He is super cool and has a really obvious desire to learn more and to keep progressing. We read 3 Nephi 11 with him and it really got him thinking!!! He is going to think of some more questions for us this next week so it'll be good!

- Krista is super close to wanting to be baptized. She said she feels like she is an 8-9/10. She explained her grief to us like this- it is not an emotion, it is more a state/ a season of life. We may choose to feel Happy as we grieve or we may choose to feel sad. But ultimately we choose and we allow ourselves to feel the emotions. We control grief, grief doesn't control us. Pretty interesting to think about. She has been through a lot and is one tough lady!! She is so positive, it is really refreshing.

- We had our last shift at the Calgary food bank and also our last one at the Okotoks food bank garden. So that was sad. We will miss Dirk!! He reminds me of Dad. But this week we will start sorting food at the Okotoks food bank. So that will be fun!!! We also got to go to the thrift store again this week to sort clothes. All the volunteers there are so cute!! They're pretty much all 60+

This week we have also been focusing on preparing for General Conference!! It is finally THIS WEEKEND! WOOHOO!

If you want to know more about what general conference is send me a message on Facebook or an email and I can explain :) (It's essentially a broadcast done by our church for everyone all over the world!! It is super uplifting!! You can join if you want!) You can watch it on this website address:

I love you all!! Have a great week!!

❤ Sister Abbott


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