September 25, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

Food drive, zipline pt.2!

Hello lovelies 💓 I hope you all had a great week! You wouldn't believe how fast time Flies out here!! How is it actually Pday again!?!? Tell me about your week! I love hearing about all the things (: Okay, a bit about my week!

- Saturday was honestly such a great day!! We helped out at the food drive from 9-12:30. Then we had to drive to a different church and change. Then we had to start teaching at a workshop at 1! We taught 12 lessons from 1-4. Each lesson had 15-20 people in them. Yikes!! So many people!! We definitely didn't have time for lunch on Saturday but its all good haha. Uncle Jordan was at the food drive, it was so fun to see him! It would've broken the world record for most successful one day food drive but no one from the Guinness world record was there. Still super cool. We collected 603,262lbs of food!

- One day this week we drove out to this families home and low and behold.. they had a zipline!! What is with people in Okotoks area and ziplines?!?! Love it!!! I was wearing a dress but you best bet I went down! It was super fun. Sister Macdonald was wearing pants so she had it a bit easier haha. Never thought I'd go ziplining (twice now!) on my mission... especially in a dress??!!? The mission is always full of surprises. (;

- We found out that Makayla probably has COVID and that she is pretty sick. So its actually a total blessing that she decided to postpone because otherwise we would've had to cancel the baptism anyways and we would've been meeting with her all week and probably would've gotten it too. Anyways, God is good. Blessings in disguise all around!!

- Wake is still super awesome, he is reading 5 chapters of scriptures a day. He reads more than us basically. He bought a faith rock to always remind himself to have faith!! Super cool.

- This week we went over to Melissa's house again and helped her do the trimming of her garden, dig out a border and put in a retaining wood frame thing. It looks so good now! She made us delicious sandwiches with a George Foreman grill! Then when we left she gifted us with one!!! We are way too spoiled. Our apartment is now pretty much the best one in the mission haha. She also gave us these super beautiful matching bracelets for brest cancer awareness 💓💗 for her friend Sherri (the lady we stained the deck for).

- We had dinner with the Pomares family again! They're so fun to be around. The Grandma was there this time!! So she told me all sorts of stories about when she served her mission in Tahiti! She pulled out so many pictures too, it was awesome! I really don't know if I will make it there but hey, it's fun to hear about what it's like there (:

- Everyday is jam packed and we are constantly on the go!! These are just some of the highlights I can remember right now haha

I love all of you!! I am so grateful to be here and to be learning more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!

❤❤ Sister Abbott


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