September 20, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

1 month!!, drive-in devo, puppies!

Hello 🌻 how are you all doing?! Let me know ((: this week was another great one that flew by! Today is my 1 month in the mission mark which is kinda fun (:

-Thursday during the day it was bomb! We had tons of lessons and did service and weekly planned and contacted, honestly we were super busy and it was super great. Then Thursday night we got a text from Makayla... she is feeling too stressed with school stuff and work rn so she has decided to call off her baptism. She still wants to be baptized but wants to wait till life isn't as crazy. So that was a rough night. We were both pretty bummed because we just want to help Makayla be happy and not stressed!!

- This week we went to Linda's again and she got a cute little 8 week Shitzu mixed with Havanese!!! Sooooooo cute (: also though is the most naughty puppy I think ever... its kind of funny but also terrifying. We gotta get her trained! She named her Sugar.

- We finally had another lesson with Wake... he is kind of intense sometimes. The first 20 minutes he ranted about some stuff that went down in the Bible and I was so lost and had no clue what to say. Brother Tagg came in clutch and helped us out. Yay for having members present haha!! Wake is actually super awesome though and has started reading 5 chapters of the Book of Mormon everyday!! Also we got to see Brother Taggs 2 week old little baby... literally the cutest and most precious thing you ever did see!! It was so hard to not hold her.

- This week we went to pick up our dinner from the Salmon family and then drove 25 min to black diamond area for our actual in person dinner with the Vartys and Mike. We have never been double booked for a dinner. Makes lunches easier that way though haha. Anyways, the Salmons made broccoli and beef and we just left it in the car while at the Vartys because 1-its freezing out side so the meat would be fine 2- didn't have time to go back to our apartment first. So anyways, dinner was good and we had a cool lesson with them. They saved their Christmas tree and let it totally dry out and then they burned it with us!! It was so fun and exciting haha. It was definitely the tallest fire I've ever seen lol. Afterwards though when we got in our car we were both like "...oh no!!" And laughing like crazy. Our car smelt (and still smells)... basically REEKS of beef and broccoli x1000. Lol. So if you know how to fix a bad smell in a car... let me know pls. Alsooo the Vartys just got an 8 week old mini Golden doodle names Mabel. She is sooo cute!!! We were around so many puppies this week!!

- We went to a drive-in stake youth devotional which was super cool!! It was at a drive-in movie theater. A couple weeks ago they had all the south Calgary/Okotoks missionaries take a video of them answering these 13 questions and then they compiled all out answers together into a neat video. It was super weird to see my face and all of the missionaries faces up on that huge screen. Good times haha. Me and sister Macdonald were cringing a lot. Hank Smith was the Speaker though and that was awesome! He is super funny and easy to listen to! Learned lots and there was a great turn out!

- Yesterday (Tuesday) we had 8 lessons!! We counted and yesterday we talked to over 84+ people between lessons, texts and dropping off cookies. So fun (; also fun: this week i have begun a cross stitching project and I love it!!! I used to love doing embroidery hoops so I'm super excited to be getting into cross stitching!!

I love you all!! Life is good! God is good!!

Sister/Soeur/Tuahine Abbott


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