September 5, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

Miracles, street hockey, so much food!!!

This week was super great!! Here are some highlights...

- One of our friends wants to be baptized!! She is currently praying to decide what day (: Her name is Makayla and she's so much fun to be around and to talk to, she's super elect haha and has been waiting for herself to just feel ready and it seems like she is now feeling ready!! Pray for her!! ❤❤

- On Sunday, 8 of our friends came to church! It was so great to see them all there and to see them make friends within the ward too (:

- As we were eating dinner with a super sweet family, The Godfreys we realized there was a bat living in their patio umbrella!!! It was crazy! I've never seen a "wild" bat in the day light (I've kind of seen them in the dark Caddy lake tunnels before) and then we got attacked by wasps haha but we had "chicken-à la-king" which made me think of mom!! And they got us each a pint of our own Village ice cream that was sooooo good!!! (Local ice cream company) Honestly we are so spoiled, we get fed everyday and its always a ton of food (yikes) followed by a really good dessert (awesome but also yikes because we are going to gain weight)

- We played street hockey with a bunch of 10-13 year old boys and some of their dads... i guess I'm officially Canadian now??!?! Haha. It was actually super fun! They were all really good and super intense.

- I just LOVE all of the people that we are meeting with and working with and serving!!! Its the best!!

- Lisa San Filippo Schmidt took me and my companion for ice cream this week, that was super fun. It was awesome to see a familiar face and to catch up (:

- One of the members in our ward served her mission in Tahiti and then later lived in Tahiti for 9 years!!!! So that is SUPER cool!!! I loved talking to her and her son about that (: pray that Tahiti stuff will all open up soon please!!!

Soeur Abbott


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