August 28, 2020


Okotoks, Alberta


Sister Macdonald

6 months or 6 days??

Guess who's back?!?!? Its me, I'm back haha. And I couldn't be more PUMPED!! I'm in the Okotoks (Calgary, Canada Mission) right now and it is super busy!! Like all day everyday is full, you should see our daily schedules. It's awesome. So today is my 6 month mark of my mission from when I started the MTC. And its my 6 full days mark in the field hahaha!! Throughout the week we volunteer at the Calgary food bank, thrift store, help people move, bleach decks, stain decks, pick veggies for the Okotoks food bank all the stuff!

We have about 3-5 lessons a day and every single day we have a dinner provided by a member, it's so amazing!

We have been able to do social distanced things outdoors at their homes, or we pick it up from them and bring it home. Each night I am sooo tired when night comes and sleep goes by way too fast.... morning comes way too soon... hahaha

The love I feel for the people I've met here so far is so hard to explain because it is so much and yet I barely know them!!!! My companion is sister Macdonald (she's from Lehi, Utah!) and she is the best!!! Also we had a crazy ant problem going on but we are pros and killed them all, hit us up for ant killing tips 😉

I am feeling so beyond blessed and happy to be set apart as a missionary again! The past couple months being home were a little crazy but I learned things that I needed to before coming back out on my mission! The Lord definitely has a plan for all of us and is so aware of our needs. ❤

I love you all!!!!!

Soeur Abbott


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