March 29, 2020


Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC)


Sister Ducoeur

Last week at the MTC, coming home..

Things get even MORE crazy!

On Friday, our pday, our Elders were super kind and organized a Treasure hunt for all of us. Consecrated oil was the prize prize. I lost my vile ): I bought another one tho so it's okay.

Everyone in our zone has been reassigned. I was reassigned to canada calgary but things are up in the air about if that reassignment will happen. It was really hard on everyone to find out our reassignments and still have confusion. I studied the talk "Called to Serve" and it helped a TON! Those who wanted to were able to receive a blessing from an Elder in our district. We all gathered into a room and people received blessings of comfort one at a time. It was amazing and our district was unified in a way that I can't explain. The spirit was so strong and we all felt our Saviors love for us and it was so special. I will forever cherish that moment. Us international missionaries were told we were leaving either the 23 or 24 so we had to pack on the weekend to be ready to go!

So during all this chaos, there's still English state side missionaries here that get to continue on with their missions as scheduled. A bunch of them left on Saturday and the MTC was noticeably smaller than the amount of people as Friday.

At noon on Saturday we found out a sister and her comp have lice. Checked ourselves and 10 of the sisters in our zone have lice. Luckily me and sister Denman didn't though. (Still did this treatment just to be safe) We got to leave the MTC to go to a pharmacy in a huge van. The pharmacy only had enough for 1 treatment. We got to a CVS store and bought more treatments. We got back to the MTC and found out we have to isolate all our bedding and throw out our pillows and then move rooms. Packed up all of my clothes minus a few dresses so that I would be ready to go whenever. So we find out we have lice at 12:30, start our treatment at 3 (after the pharmacy fieldtrip) and then start going through people hair to take out the nits and the lice at 5:30pm, shower and done with everyone's hair at 10:30pm. Our elders were super kind and got permission to surprise us with dinner since we had the treatment stuff in our hair and weren't allowed in the cafeteria and there aren't sack lunches at dinner. It was so kind of them. Honestly a blessing in disguise we all got lice because we were able to catch it before we go home/get to the field. And we were able to pack. It also just felt like a relaxing day compared to yesterday (Friday) even though it was still crazy .

Sunday- My companion and I taught the RS lesson on the plan of salvation! It went really well and I'm so grateful we were asked to teach! We were able to study the Plan of salvation a lot during the week to prepare for the lesson. because of our studying and our focus on it, it made the week less stressful as we were reminded that there is a plan for us! And this earthy life is just a speck in the long run. During the Sunday night devotional we found out everyone has to leave the MTC by the 27th in the evening. So the entire MTC is being shut down.

Miracle!!: because of the Lice fiasco I wasn't able to buy a mission shirt on Saturday like I had wanted. I was pretty bummed. Miraculously, a mission shirt for me arrived on Tuesday and I didn't even order it!?!? That NEVER happens. You have to order and pay for a mission shirt in order to get one!! I didn't even tell anyone that I wanted to get a mission shirt!! Blessed. Also my package from my fam arrived (: so happy.

Also on Tuesday we had our last devotional that was really uplifting. I'm gonna miss Tuesday devotionals a lot. We learned that there are SO many ways to reach out to others around us, even when we are isolated in our homes. If you want some ideas on how to do me!!

On Tuesday, everyone (minus international missionaries) got their travel itinerary... it was really stressful that everyone knew when they were leaving except for me (and other international missionaries) it was also really confusing because they told us that we would be the first ones to leave. Lol! Super weird.

Tuesday and Wednesday night we stayed up super late helping different sisters pack and get ready to leave. 2 sisters left Tuesday and 4 on Wednesday. Saying goodbye to everyone was really sad. I'm so happy for them though. They're gonna do great in their reassignments and I can't wait to see them in Tahiti!!

Thursday was the OG (advanced French) district only (everyone else left) in class. It ended the way we started! We learned lots in our small class of 4. I think I learned more Tahitian on Thursday than I did in all the other days this week combined!! I'm really gonna miss our teachers. On Thursday we also finally got our travel itinerary.
Friday- Elder Fewou left at 7:30, Sister Ducoeur at 8:15, Elder Mcrae at 10 and I leave at 12 (45min left here )
It is a ghost town here today (Friday) there is seriously almost no one left.

I just want to take the time to express how truly GRATEFUL I am to have been here at the MTC. The people here were all here together, at the same time, for a reason. We all needed to meet each other, to be strengthened by each other and to learn from one another. The MTC is a sacred place to learn and to grow. My time here went a lot different than I has anticipated but I wouldn't change a second of it. The future is uncertain but one thing will always remain the same: God is our loving Heavenly Father. He knows us, loves us and has a plan specifically for us. I don't know what my future holds even but I know that things will all unfold as they should. I will always be thankful for my mission and for my decision to serve, the lessons I learned and the experiences I had will always be held close in my heart. I know that this is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, called of God, to translate to book of Mormon and restore the gospel. I know that we have a living prophet today, Russell M Nelson, who is aware of our needs and is able to guide us as he receives revelation.

There is always peace and joy to be found. As we embrace the gospel and truly apply it and live it, we may feel that peace and joy. As we serve others we may also feel that peace and joy because we know that as we serve others we are only in the service of our God. I encourage all of you to find ways to reach out to others and see how you may be able to help them in this confusing time.

I love you all!
Soeur/Sister/Tuahine Abbott


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