March 24, 2020


Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC)


Sister Ducoeur

Tahitian!!! Earthquake!! Changes!!

Iorana!!! Bonjour!! Hello!!

Welcome Welcome!!

Changes: So on monday in the middle of gym time we got kicked out... President Uchtdorf called and said they had to close the gym and then fitness center. So that sucks... they're trying to limit staff to limit the possibilities of coronavirus being brought in. So now we get to workout as if we are already in the mission field!! Lol (;

In the cafeteria they locked down a bunch of things. We used to have 4 meal options every meal time but now there's only 1. There's even tape on the floor that's all 3 feet apart. Only one person can stand in each taped section at a time. 10 people per big table. Fun times!! Our district now has to spit into 2 tables. Also a ton of people have left the MTC so the cafeteria isn't as busy now. We were told to day that our district is one of the very last!! So blessed to be here!

Monday we found out the Tahitian boarders (all the Pacific island boarders) are closed. It was sad to hear but also not a surprise. As I've been turning to the Lord, I've been able to find so much peace. Anyways, it's all in the Lords plan!

Something we used to do here at the MTC (they stopped them last week) are TRCs. Basically we are able to teach an "actual" friend of the church (someone who is interested in the church) or we teach a member who is pretending to be a friend of the church and not a member. You never know which one, you just teach them!! So basically with all this reassigning things going on it has really reminded me of how we taught our TRC before. Regardless of if the person is an "actual" member or an "actual" friend of the church, we prepared for the lesson the same way and we taught them the same way. Then I applied it to our missions. No matter where we go, we need to continue to prepare the same way and we need to study the same way and do everything the same way. We came on our missions to serve the Lord and to do His work. No matter where or when or how!

Tahitian has been super fun! It really isn't like annnnyyyyyyy other language, it's so unique! Some days I am soooo tired by the end because it's so much information!! It's so different in a huge class. We went from 4 to 14!!! The things we used to get done in 15 minute now takes 1 hour!! Socially- way more fun. Spiritually/learning wise- oof! Making the most of it though for sure!! My new teacher asked me if French was my native language after I introduced myself to the class. That was awesome!

Crazy thing: felt my first earthquake this week 5.7! And then we felt one of the aftershocks a couple hours later that was 4.something!!!! It was crazy!!!!!

I highly encourage everyone, but especially missionaries who are being reassigned, to read this general conference talk. "Called to the Work" By Elder David A. Bednar

D&C 45:31-35 is pretty crazy because it feels like that is literally what is happening right now. I am so so grateful to be here at the MTC I have loved every second of my mission so far and I've already learned so much. This gospel truly brings so much peace and joy when we apply it and live it. Things are changing everyday and it's a crazy time to be alive but there is NOWHERE else I would rather be than right where I am!

I love all of you!!

Take care,
Soeur/Tuahine/Sister Abbott


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