March 17, 2020


Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC)


Sister Ducoeur

Mass sleepover, Coronavirus confusion! MTC Week 3

Bonjour and Bienvenue!

So I'm super sad haha. I spent so long typing my email and then the computer crashed and I lost it all! Here is round 2 :)

Saturday night was so fun!!! So after classes (which were super fun, especially our evening class!) We did some more studying then got ready for bed and thennnnn we moved 2 of our matrices into the other sisters room and so we had 6 matrices on the floor with 8 sisters and we all just talked and laughed and ate weird food! I actually ate a cricket haha. Tasted like salty seaweed. It was just really nice to feel like apart of a district, we are joining the other district on Monday.

We found out that none of our 3 teachers will be able to teach us Tahitian): so sad. Especially that we are losing Bro. Poff. His teaching style is the best! He is super kind and funny so we are all interested and engaged in his lessons. We also have been role playing teaching with him. His pseudonym is "Timi" and it's really fun. One day this week bro. Poff was feeling kinda discouraged with things so he let us ask him any question as a group for 8 minutes and then we had 3 minutes to prepare a mini lesson to help him. Then we went into a room and got to teach our lesson privately. I think my mini lesson with him went super well. He said that is was super "puissant" (powerful haha). Anyways, gonna miss him. He says we are legit his favorite district (,:

Tuesday we had our last in person devotional and it was Elder Romney and elder Neil a Anderson. It was amazing! It was focused on how we need to love others before we teach them. Serve them to love them and all that good stuff. It was super uplifting. My whole district was in the 1st and 2nd row right in front of him. So cool!!!

Total blessing: every week each a missionary has to prepare a 5 min talk. Then after Sacrament is passed they announce which Elder and which Sister will share their talk. So I had a feeling I would give a talk and the Saturday night my teacher was like "Sister Abbott I'm pretty sure you're giving a talk tomorrow" (totally the spirit, the Branch President doesn't even decide till the day of! And my teacher doesn't know my branch president) Anyways so I prepared my talk in english but then I found out I'm supposed to give it in french. But ya they ended up picking me. So he announced it and I went up and I gave a talk on Sunday!!! In French!!! For 10 minutes!!! With only bullet points to go off of. In front of my entire branch! (our branch is made up of a lot of districts) if someone asked me to do that 3 weeks ago I would have fainted up there haha. Total mission blessing!!

On Monday we got to host the last senior missionaries. It was so much fun! 78 arrived in an hour and a half, it was super busy! We got to see they rooms which was cool, it's like mini hotel rooms!!

On Wednesday my companions friend from their small branch in France, arrived here at the MTC!! we got to host her and also go to her setting apart blessing with the MTC 1st Councillor, President Alexander. It was amazing to meet with him. He shared some specific advice to us about our missions and it was really special. The sisters setting apart blessing was so special. She is amazing!!

Thursday night was "PDay eve" which is always fun lol. We had a dance party (with youth church music) and did facemasks and stayed up super late talking. That was so fun!!

Still no contact policy. I fist bumped an elder and then got in trouble from the branch president wife because legit "no contact". Also we aren't allowed to visit in large groups anymore. So choir is canceled, Tuesday and Sunday devotional is all broadcasted now from a room in the MTC into everyone's classrooms (hope that makes sense). We aren't allowed to go to the temple on Pday anymore either. As I'm sure most of you have heard, starting March 16 there will be no more missionaries entering the MTC here. people can still leave the MTC to their missions. They're just making these adjustments as preventive measures! They have a test they can do here at the clinic so anyone with a cold or a flu has to get tested! Whack. The first confirmed case happened in Tahiti on Wednesday),: praying so hard it will be okay!

I know that things seem kind of crazy right now but God knows and loves all of us. He hears our prayers and is always there. He has a plan for us and this is part of his plan, we just have to trust Him and keep doing our best.

With love,
Soeur Abbott


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