March 7, 2020


Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC)


Sister Ducoeur

"1 Full Week!!!" MTC Week 2

Welcome back!!

So on the weekend I lost my voice! Must've been from all my participation in class! This week we had a TRC on Monday and Tuesday. Both went super well. Our friend we are teaching is super kind! His name is Spencer and it's been great so far.

Fast Sunday was AMAZING. One Elder bore his testimony and shared a super personal experience. It brought every single person in the room to tears. The spirit was so strong and we were all touched by it in a personal way. Also I joined the choir and its the best thing. We alsooooo had TWO devotionals and they were both the I think if I keep taking as many notes as I have been, I'm gonna need a lot more notebooks!!

Fun fact: It's kinda fun, we (my district) get reserved front row seats for every workshop, conference and devotional! Its because my Comp Sister Ducoeur and Elder Fewou need the translation headsets. For a couple of the workshops this week, the headset didn't work/their wasn't a translator so I would translate for my companion. It actually surprised me how much French I know. But then when I try to speak French in front of someone for the first time, I get nervous and make a ton of mistakes. All good though, I'm working on it!

This week I set some goals for memorization. If you know me, you know that I am horrible and memorizing things. But literally by having faith in my abilities through Christ, I have been able to memorize so many things! It's amazing. Huge blessing. Side note: already as I've been writing this, I want to write things in French because my brain is thinking in French. It's so weird!!

Shout out to...
Grandma Altomare for my purse! I use it every day here!!
Grandma Abbott for making me a rice "bean" bag. Saved my life this week.
Grandpa Abbott for the 211/ 212 degree water boiling analogy, there was a whole workshop based off of that this week!

Two of my favorite parts from the week: doing our service activity! I'm in charge of sweeping the stairs for an hour every Tuesday. It's nice and relaxing and gives me some like down time but I'm also doing service so it's great. And then the #1 best thing was being a host!! We hosted a Sister from Estonia who is going to Spain! It was so fun to spend time with her and to welcome a bunch of other new missionaries to the MTC.

Hope everyone had a great week and has a great upcoming week too!!

With love,
Soeur Abbott


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