February 29, 2020


Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC)


Sister Ducoeur

"Welcome to the MTC!!!" Week 1

Hello my dear friends and family!!!

The time has come for my first weekly email! Woot woot (;

Soooooo I love the MTC so far. The first day everyone would smile so big and say "welcome to the MTC!!!!!" It was great. It actually started as soon as we were just driving underground into the parkaid. Also I've only had 1 full day here so far but it feels like 5 weeks or something! The day itself went by fast but by 5pm you can't remember what you did that morning and you're already ready for bed (; also- my pday for the next 6 weeks will be on Fridays and I'm allowed to chat on Google hangouts with family and friends and I'm allowed to Skype with family (:

So to explain my district situation! Currently there are 4 people in my district. We are in an advanced French class for the next three weeks. We are learning preach my gospel and how to be a missionary! All our classes and workshops are super fun. Since our district is so small, we have lots of opportunities to participate and to ask questions. My companion, Soeur Ducoeur is from Burgundy, France! She's so sweet. Then there's Elder Fewou (Fee-ou) also from France (they're from different cities though) and Elder McCrea from Alberta! So two "pure bread" frenchies and two Canadian French immersion kids (; it's super fun though and I love having a native speaking companion! She is super kind and willing to help me with my pronunciation and words I can't remember. She speaks some English too and wants to learn more so she's often asking me words in English in between classes. It works out perfectly! In 3 weeks we will join the district that reported Feb 5th and then we will all learn tahitian together. There are 6 other sisters and 4 other elders that will be going to Tahiti with us on April 7! So the sisters in the other district are right beside our room which is super fun because we can hangout at night. Oh ya! So it's just me and my companion in our room that has 6 beds! Its It's actually super awesome. We each get two closets and a desk to ourselves!!! Super nice.

I know that this is where I am supposed to be right now! I am so grateful for my companion and for my district. Although I haven't been here for very long, I am loving it already and I'm super excited to keep learning here for another 6 weeks! I love this gospel and I know it is the true Gospel of God, restored to this earth through the Prophet Jospeh Smith. I am so grateful for his testimony and his courage to ask questions and to act on his answers. I know that the Holy Ghost is a gift from God that can help guide us and teach us truths. I'm so excited to keep learning here and to finally begin my fulltime mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! Huge thank you to my family and to all of my friends too for all the support! I love all of you! <3

With love,
Soeur Abbott


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