September 11, 2017


Rapid City, SD


Sister Lawrence

Only us...

Oh man has this week been crazy! Transfers were this week and I think they caught us all by surprise. Sister Lawrence and I are the only companionship in our area that didn't get changed... It was so crazy especially because none of us were expecting it at all but I guess they did a total makeover (mission edition) haha. Elder Brush headed up to Minnesota to train two new missionaries and I'm so excited for him! It was so sad though because with him being in our ward and the Elders not being able to drive we really developed a unified relationship with the three elders in our ward and they gave us awesome insights! But Elder Dewitt came in as one of the new zone leaders with Elder Aquino and he is from AZ too!! He's pretty cool! Elder Coles (our district leader) left to be a Zone Leader in Minot, and so Elder Anderson is our new district leader. Sister Larson is now up in Williston, and Elder England is now in Valentine. It's sad that we had to lose so many but the elders and sisters we have now are awesome too! So this should be a great transfer!

I'm trying to remember what happened this week, but days and weeks seem to run together out here in the mission field which makes it a little bit difficult! :) Especially with transfers everything just got so crazy... Well here are a few if the funny things I can come up with:
Well there is only one woman in our ward who can play the piano/organ, so when she's out of town guess who gets called?? Yep, you're right! ME!! :) Anyways luckily I didn't have to play the organ in sacrament meeting this time because President Kohlbrand (mission presidency) plays so he was able to do it. But I did get asked to play the piano for primary this week and it was so great! It's hard because I couldn't really practice because we don't have time as missionaries but it didn't really matter because Sister Howard changed it all up when we got there and would just pull out random songs so I just had to sight read it all... Thanks Aunt Dorie for teaching me how to keep going!!! Anyways, we were sitting in doing opening exercises and each week they have a couple of kids share a CTR (Choose the Right) moment. One of the kids who was chosen this week was 6 years old and he definitely did not want to share... He said this, "I just don't really like sharing things about my personal life so I don't want to do a CTR moment..." We had to try really hard to not laugh and keep ourselves pulled together. He just said it so seriously and it was great.
We sometimes use visuals for our lessons and one of the visuals we have for teaching the Restoration are mini solo cups that we can stack and take apart and build sort of a pyramid with. But we were teaching a lesson to a lady this week and Sister Lawrence had them stacked in her bag and she saw them and said, "You ladies play beer pong?!" Sister Lawrence didn't know how to respond and I just thought it was funny. But we got it all cleared up so we don't have to worry about that anymore.
District Meeting this week was so good, but different because Elder Coles isn't here anymore... But Elder Anderson did a great job at training us this week how to be better missionaries and have more spiritual power like the Sons of Mosiah. He extended the invitation to us to pick one way this week that we would work towards having more faith and spirituality, so I am praying more diligently to receive and follow the spiritual promptings I receive. I've already noticed the difference it makes and am keeping my eyes open to the miracles that it will bring!
You're awesome and keep working hard. I love that quote that you sent me from Sister Bednar! {She said: "I think one of the greatest places you can learn is in the mission field, as you prepare for a mission, and as you go on a mission. The learning curve is steep and it's hard, but the things that you learn as a missionary will bless you for the rest of your life and it will give you the tools that you need to be able to learn secular things. You learn how to study and do spiritual things and then you're blessed to be able to do the secular learning as well and they can go hand in hand. I've always admired Elder Bednar because he has a wonderful education. He went to school for a very, very long time but he always looked at what he learned through the lens of the gospel. He never looked at the gospel through the lens of what he learned and it's helped keep him on a path of learning, both spiritual and secular learning that has blessed him, it's blessed our family and it's brought opportunities to him and to our family and it will come to you if you will learn how to do both secular and spiritual learning, so hopefully you're going to serve a mission some day."} It's so true that we need to look at the world through gospel lenses instead of the gospel through worldly lenses. It makes all the difference. This week I was reading in 2 Nephi 25 verse 3 and it says, "Wherefore, I write unto my people, unto all those that shall receive hereafter these things which I write, that they may know the judgments of God, that they come upon all nations, according to the word which he hath spoken." I thought it was so cool because the scriptures truly are written so we can learn and come to know God, but that we can also learn through other people, so I just wanted to share my simple testimony that I know God is our loving Heavenly Father, and because He loves us, He gives us opportunities to learn and grow. Sometimes these opportunities are not what we think they should be, and they are HARD, but He has given us a way to overcome them and to be strengthened because of it. And that is through the sacrifice that our Savior, Jesus Christ, made for each one of us. That we can rely on Him and know that He is our strength because He went through exactly what we are going through. As we turn to Him and learn to rely on His Atonement, He lifts us up and opens our eyes to the blessings that are placed in our life each day.
I love you!
Sister Mortensen
The pictures this week are from our last hike together as a district before everyone left! I love them all so much!!


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