February 18, 2019


Rapid Valley, SD


Sisters Galvez and Brown


Hey Mom!

Sorry that I didn't email this last week because everything was so crazy. It was zone pday this week so we were trying to take care of all the missionaries and especially because half of them had to drive in three hours to be here. Went to Mt. Rushmore, it looks a lot different in the winter than it does in the summer haha:) Sister Archibald tried to sing "America the Beautiful" at the amphitheater but she forgot half the lyrics so that was a little funny! I don't even know how it's possible for her to have as much energy as she does! I wish I had even half that amount and my life would be fantastic!

I had a my plan interview with President Stocks. It's basically the interview to figure out what you are going to do back home, make a plan for study habits and ways to stay strong in the gospel, and how to make friends and have a good life post-mission. It was good except that usually it's in private but my companions stayed to post on facebook so I didn't really talk about everything that I wanted to. That's okay though because just a few days later they authorized us to call home on preparation days! WHAT?!?! Craziness. I think it is a great resource for missionaries to be able to talk to their families and especially to share the experiences that they are having so the families can have missionary experiences too!

OH MY... let me tell you about this one! It has been snowing like crazy here (I mean what AZ got snow?!?!) But our parking lot is built on a hill which is a mess because of the ice and nobody has cars that have AWD and they can't get up the hill... so this week we shoveled our entire parking lot to help this guy get to where he's going. Then, this lady tried to DRIVE BACKWARDS up the hill to get out and she couldn't make it. SO... she kept pulling down the hill and then trying to gun it up to the top... it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time haha. But eventually we made it out of the parking lot and got to our appointment with Bishop Nesbit. He is the bishop in the Mt. Rushmore ward and his vision for the missionary work in their ward is AMAZING! He talked about just having every family reach out to one new person that they don't know (whether less-active or non-member) and help fellowship them. How cool would it be and how many people would they be able to help!?!? I think it's amazing that we have the opportunity to reach out to so many people and help to share the gospel in normal ways.

I went on splits with a member to do a lesson with someone we are teaching and it was a great experience. On the drive back the member and I got to talk about the great experiences we have with sharing the gospel and she opened up about how she is terrified of missionary work. She almost said no to coming to the lesson, but then realized it was a good opportunity to get out of her comfort zone to do missionary work! We had a great conversation about how she doesn't have to do big things and how it should just be a normal part of our life. I love her and love that we get to help people have these experiences so they feel confident in their own testimony to invite their friends.

I love this gospel and I love the experiences that Heavenly Father gives us!

Love you!
Sister Mortensen


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