July 23, 2018


Minot, ND


Sister Stout

Service, Ministering, and Special Musical Numbers

Holy heavens this week was INSANE! But don't ask me to tell you what happened because I can't remember haha😂 there was so much going on this week and it was a little funny because I think maybe one day this week actually went according to plan! We've been doing a lot of service this week because it's summer and so everyone has a million and a half projects going on before the snow comes in like 3 months... something I realized though is that I don't think I've ever done as much service as I have as a missionary. But why? Why do people just call the missionaries when they could call their families, neighbors, etc. Why do we not allow others to minister to us? I mean I love doing service but I just had that AHAH! Moment this week so I thought I'd share :)

Most of our service has been painting and moving. On Wednesday we got a call from a woman who is moving into the 3rd ward and she needed A LOT of help to finish packing and cleaning. So we called Elder Ripley, Elder Terry, and Sister Helser. Elder Hubert and Elder Schumann were there too! Sometimes I'm so sad when I see people's living circumstances... Elder Schumann literally had to sweep the carpet because there was so much stuff on it that the vacuum couldn't handle it. And then on Saturday, Ashlyn called us to see if we could help her finish packing all her stuff because they had to be out of their house the next day. As far as painting goes, we painted a deck with Elder Hubert and Elder Schumann, and a lady's house/garage with Elder Ripley and Elder Terry! If I've learned one thing though, it's that I'm a mess when painting😂 We also did a highway cleanup project with our ward and Heaven was definitely watching out for us because we didn't end up with any ticks😄😄

We haven't been able to get in with Jenny in a while and it's been really sad, but hopefully we will be able to get back in with her this week! We have a few new people that we are teaching and they are so awesome! Their names are Dominic and Riley and we will have more details to come next week.

I spent a few days in New Town this week with Sister Penrod and gosh I love her! New Town is always a fun time. We actually ended up going out to Mandaree (about 35 minutes away) for dinner one of the nights and their little boy tried to keep me! It was so cute! Brother Gray told him that we were going to pray so that we could leave and he handcuffed us together! It was awesome! :)
The only sad part was that the Pow Wow was this weekend and I missed it 😔 ahh oh well.

I played a special musical number this week in Sacrament Meeting and it went alright! Haha it always makes me laugh just how much I actually play the piano but I LOVE it! I just never thought I would as a missionary but I'm not complaining! I also played the piano in the 4th ward for the Elders (Elder Greer, Elder Thorpe, Elder Wells and Elder Ricks) to sing their special musical number so that was a little funny too!

Tennis last Monday was so much fun! I really miss that game. Elder Von worked me pretty good too, but let's just say he didn't get the best of me 😉 my tennis skills may be a little rusty but I can still hold my own! 😂 we played tennis for a solid 3.5 hours and it was fantastic! Then we went to the stake center and Elder Rodda barbequed up some food for us and it was delicious. We spent pretty much all day outside playing Gaga Ball, ultimate frisbee, etc. I definitely have a few nasty tan lines haha. At one point in time we had to go searching in the field for Elder Hubert's frisbee because it got lost and the weeds were probably waist high at most of it if not taller... fun adventures!

Yesterday at church Sister Stout and I gave the lesson in Relief Society on Ministering. I love being able to prepare talks and lessons because I feel like I learn so much more than the people who actually hear it when it's finished. But the one thing that stuck out to me this week was the scripture in John 13:12-17. Now this is when Christ is washing the disciples' feet and instructing them on what they should do. It says, "12 So after he had washed their feet, and had taken his garments, and was set down again, he said unto them, Know ye what I have done to you? 13 Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am. 14 If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. 15 For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you. 16 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him. 17 If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them." I love that Christ instructs us to serve others as He has served us. There was truly no greater example of servant leadership than our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. But I especially loved the last verse when He says, and when you will serve other people and do as I did, you will be HAPPY. I think it's so cool because He also gives us a choice there. If we want to be happy, we must go out and minister to others. I know that I have definitely seen the joy that comes from reaching outside my comfort zone and serving others. So this week, look for more opportunities to serve and minister to everyone around you and I promise you will see more JOY!

Love you! Sister Mortensen


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