October 16, 2017


Rapid City, SD


Sister Lawrence

Trio Life!

Hi Mom!
So transfer calls came this morning, and we received one but definitely not in the way we were expecting. Sister Lawrence is still staying here in Rapid City with me, but we are getting another sister so we will be living the trio life! We don't know the name of the sister who is coming, but she is a sister missionary serving in Nauvoo. During the winter times, they actually get transferred to other missions to do some proselyting and see what we do! So there are two sisters coming from Nauvoo and we get to serve with one of them! It will certainly be interesting to see what this transfer holds, especially because there wasn't a whole lot of change with the other missionaries in our zone.
Here's a rundown of what happened this week:
Tuesday, October 10...We had a lesson with Jack and taught him the Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom and Tithing. It went pretty well and he really is searching for something. Brother McLaws does a really good job at fellowshipping Jack especially since Talbot is off at school now.
Wednesday, October 11...We met this super awesome lady named Anna. She said she had been praying for Sister Missionaries and for someone to come and tell her what she needs to do and change in her life. We ended up teaching her the Restoration and when we talked about the Priesthood, she told us that she wanted to be baptized by someone with the Priesthood and that she would prepare her whole family to be baptized. It really is so incredible to see just how much the Lord prepares people to receive the gospel. We also learned a very important lesson today that missionary work, and the missionary schedule is never in our control. We can plan all we want, but the day never ends up going according to the plans because we get a lot of calls from people to come and visit them haha :)
Thursday, October 12...Today we had another lesson with Jack, but this time it was out at the McLaws' big house in the canyon. It seriously takes us 45 minutes to drive out to their house and it's in the middle of the canyon away from everything. I love it out in the canyons and would love to live there someday because it's absolutely beautiful. It's a little hard to go out and visit our members a lot because they all live in the middle of nowhere and far away but it's a nice drive when we go see them.
Friday. October 13...We did a lot of tracting today and it was FREEZING. Holy heavens I really am going to die when winter actually comes... We met this super cool woman named Kristian (Christian) Faith and were able to set up an appointment to come and visit her later so we are super excited. We also drove out to the canyon again to go see Sam Frank and teach him the commandments and he is just the coolest 11 year-old I've met. He's awesome.
Saturday, October 14...We had lunch with Sister Oz at this Chinese restaurant and I love Sister Oz. She has this license plate on her car that says, "OZSOME". haha she's super funny. Her real name is Odette Zwetzig and she went to the Olympics for Tae-Kwon-Do and is way funny. She's 73 years old now but still has her spunk for sure. We also saw Sam again today to make some plans for his baptism on the 28th and everything is still good! We are so excited for him. When we went tracting, this lady opened her door and we talked to her for a minute and before we left she shook our hands but mine were seriously frozen and so we were tracting down the street and she came running over to us and gave me some of her gloves haha. Sometimes people can be so nice.We drove the Elders to our ward correlation meeting and when we were driving home, Elder Dewitt decided to play "What Are the Odds" with me and I lost so I had to get on the merry-go-round. So yeah that was interesting.... haha
Sunday, October 15... Only Sam came to church today and that was a bummer. Jack almost dropped us because he said he's not ready to commit just yet, he wants to make sure there are no "what-ifs", but he is going to still meet with us so we will see how that all goes!
All in all this week has gone by so fast! But it has been good. Thank you for the delicious strawberries I LOVED them and they almost made me cry because they made my day.
I love you and hope you choose to "make it a great [week]"!
Love, Sister Mortensen
Pics: Elder Dewitt, Elder Bone and I on the merry-go-round. The weirdest looking horse ever​​


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