November 7, 2022


Katowice, Poland


Sister Gregson

...been a while

Cześć, yall! It's been a while, here are the updates!
We fried 10 chicken breasts. With no recipe. And no frier. And no tongs. And probably not enough brain cells to have came out succesful, either. So yes, i have seen the divine protection from God to His missionaries. Absolutely. 🍗
We ate at this booży restaurant the other day. Its in a sky scraper. And its on the 27th floor. I got a piña colada and I discovered that I am actually pretty really illergic to coconut. Who knew...? Not me! And now my throat is scratchy and I'm weezing for air all the time. I'm still determining if it was worth it or not... 🥥
Transfers are today. We said bye to Sister Flaherty. She's going to Bydgoszcz and Sister Gregson and me are stayin in Kato. Which was no surprise. Sister Gregson is an old grandma in the mission. So she'll go home next transfer, which means I'm stuck in Katowice another transfer after this! Which is starting to look a little less dismal because of the fact that they just put up a GIANT REAL tree in the rynek! WOOT WOOT! We walked around the mall for like 2 hours trying to find our own tree for our appartment, but we didnt have much luck. But we will find one! Trust me...I am so ready for Christmas! 🎄
In other news, I fed Sister Gregson an edible flower, we tried to feed some birds yucky crackers and we taught a load of lessons this week! 🦤
Oh and I became an STL. Basically, this means that I am expected to be a mature individual who knows what they are doing who gives good advice and is practically perfect in every way. Let's just say, that I think Presidend Chandler might have mistaken me for someone else. 🤔 
Thought of this week...the saying that "I can sleep when I am dead" is rubbish. We helped a member come to understand the Plan of Slavation a little better this week. Her origional question was along the lives of what happens to the people who don't get a chance to choose Christ in this life? We explained that everyone would be given an opportunity to repent in the spirit world and those of us who have already chosen Christ will get to teach others about His gospel. She exclaimed either delight, "oh, so we are going to be busy!" We laughed and went on to testify that this is part of the very reason we are being asked to preach the Gospel here. The Lord is giving us an opportunity and a CHANCE to prepare to be a teacher in the next life! ...this had never occurred to me before! It definitely changed how I view my callings and responsibilities at I thought id share! 👩‍🏫
Love you all!Siostra Jones


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