October 10, 2022


Katowice, Poland


Sienna Flaharty

znowu trio

Dear wszyscy! 
The bond between two buddies in a foreign country speaking a foreign language while they are tryin' find, teach, and baptise is something that you can't replicate anywhere else. The closest you coud probably get to it is the vibe of a married couple trying to teach their first toddler child about Jesus. But even then it's different. The married couple would have known each other for quite some time and already would have figured out... A) that they actually like each other. B) how to live together. And C) what flavors of ice cream are definitely not the other half's favorite!
The past transfer has really made me think on this phenomenon. It's funny, sometimes I forget that I haven't actually known my companions all my life. In fact I've known them for like two months! I can't count the amount of times I've went to tell Johny something about someone...and realized that Jonny didn't grow up in Price, Utah. And I realize that Johny doesn't know what I got for Christmas last year. And I realized that Johny hasn't even met my momma yet! 😵‍💫 It's mind destroying really. 
It's both heartbreaking and sweety-and-cute when I remember giggles on bus 194, various food items that shouldnt have been up my nose (no I was not snorting anything), and smiley faces when you both get to see your friend make the best decision he will make in his life. It's truly a whirlwind of emotions.
But buddies come and go and left and one came. Siostra Godfrey has the absolutle pleasure of serving in Krakow and we absorbed Greggy into our companionship. I am now back in a trio. Haha. The duo life was short was the quad life, but we got Greggy whos a sweety and who is ready to baptized all of Katowice and...IM HERE FOR IT! lol! 
In other news...General Conference! My favorite talk as by Hugo Montoya! It made me think about the Atonement and Jesus Chrsit and His names in a whole knew way! Aaaaaand it just really makes me realize how special and loving He is for giving His life for little olej me! Find ten minutes this week...listen to it...Jesus loves you more than you even think you know! 

To wszystko!Siostra Jones

•Mac is a hot commody here and sister godfrey just up and gave me hers! LOVE HER•Fountain in Sosnowec•Greggy


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