September 26, 2022


Katowice, Poland


Sienna Flaharty


Dear Wszyscy!

Monday we took a train to Krakow. (Pday it was an obvious choice.)
Tuesday we took a train to Wrocław. (We had zone conference.)
Wednesday we took a train to Krakow. (I got to see Sister Johnson)
Thursday we took a train back from Krakow. (I am now offically legal in Poland)
Friday we took a train to Oksana's. (I got roasted by a three year old.)
Saturday we took a train to Czesława's. (She made us really good food. Really good.) train.
Monday we took a bus to ENERGILAND.(It's an amuzment park!)
As you can see, we took an insane amount of trains this week. It was exhausting. But you could probably also see that our exhaustion did not stop us from screaming...or in my case...laughing our guts off riding as many roller coasters as we could possibly manage. We went on a tall one know the climb of anticipation BEFORE the coaster starts...well Sister Johnson had me CRYING laughing. Before we had even started! Which sounds fun. But gasping for oxygen before you even get going on a roller coaster...well let's just leave it at that...OXYGEN LEVELS WERE REALLY LOW!
That's about all for me this week! Oh and we played ping pong against one of the funniest polish people...person...persons...?...someone please tell me how to speak correct English because I don't know anymore!
Just a quicky thought to wrap my email up this week. For the past few months I have pretty much lived on my knees. Before, sure i prayed, but now it as if I can't function even a couple hours without help from heaven. Anyone who has served a mission knows how many problems missionaries encounter on a mission. Problems with people we teach, companions we have, members, randos on the streets, and every other type in between. And those who aren't missionaries, just picture living with someone you don't know in a place you don't know, speaking a language you don't know, teaching a gospel that you think you know until someone asks you who demads justice in this word and you realize that you actually don't know. It's rough sometimes! But...prayer is so real! And God is real! And he has wanted to bless me all along! It just took me a while to realize what to ask for! Lol! So my invitation for you all is to get down on your knees. And go through your normal prayer. Get out all the normal things you normally say and when you think you got it all. Sit there. Sit there for another 30 minutes and I promise you that the real things that you need...u know...the ones deep down in your heart...they find a way out...and then God will find a way to answer them! Give it a shot! I promise it'll work!
A big love from Poland!Siostra Jones
Also first sighting of snow in Poland! Whoowhoo!


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