September 19, 2022


Katowice, Poland


Sienna Flaharty

Nie jestem w Krakowie

Hey yall. 
I got shipped out of Kraków a few weeks ago. To the land of mini tokoyko. Katowice. It's good. It's not Krakow but its good. The best part about it is that it's only an hour away from Krakow. So we take a train back frequently. We have gone 4 times in 8 days lol. All approved don't worry. It keeps me going lol. 
Which brings me to tell you the best news of all! SERGEY GOT BAPTIZED! And Philip baptized him! And I got to go! It was the sweetiest thing I have ever experienced! His testimony was sweety. He said that he found the church by mistake, but looking back he realized that god was giving him a chance to change. He kept saying that he was grateful to have patient missionaries to teach him and he mentioned that he knew that it couldn't have been easy to teach him the! But it was the best thing for us! We loved it!
A little sweety grandma member made us really good mashed potatoes and chicken chop things! And cake! It was fantabulistic! 
Today we are en route to...take a guess yall...KRAKOW! yay! We are going to the Leaky's a Harry Potter themed Cafe. Should be interesting!
And now I'm writing post going into the leaky couldrin...idk if that is how you spell that lol. It was amazing! I didn't think I was in this Universe anymore. It was so much more than I expected it to be!
Love ya all!Siostra Jones


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