September 13, 2022


Katowice, Poland


Sienna Flaharty


So one thing that was cool that happened this week...I have been in contact with this man over Facebook and he had mentioned that he would be interested in coming to one of our churches he put it. So I invited him to our game night and sports Saturday. But then he texted back and said that he would prefer to come to one of our like spiritual events. I was a bit taken aback and so I asked him "like church?" And he said yes. So I sent him the address and the conversation kinda dropped. But then Sunday morning he texted me with a question about the address and then he said he would be there! Which was really cool! So Sunday me and sister pond and sister Johnson got on our bus and then got on our tram only to find out that the tracks were broken and another bus wouldn't come for another hour! It was really stressful because we were supposed to be at church and I was supposed to lead the music AND I had a friend coming that had some real good potential!! So I texted the elders and I made sure they greeted him and they said they would so I was a little less stressed. But then after the bus finally came, I get a text from him and he says "I'm in a room alone." And I was like nooooo! So I told him to go find a seat in the room with all the people and he said he would and I was again freaking out. We walk into the chapel and I find him. He is seated in the room with a member from the states that I have never seen before to whom she was conversing quietly with! Thank the heavens for her!!!! He saw me a while later and waved so he knew I was there. The chapel was so hot bc the ac was broken apparently and i was worried he was not having a good time. And then we chatted in between the hours a bit and he seemed okay...then it was priesthood this week so I told every elder i could find to make this man feel very welcome! And they did! After church he told me that he would like to learn more so we set up a time! After the elders left they told me that he felt comfortable enough to even make a few comments in priesthood! I'm excited to see where this one goes!


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