August 8, 2022


Krakow, Poland


Hannah Johnson


Hola hola!!!! ¿como estas?
You might be wondering why I am speaking spanish today and not polish. If you are...stay tuned, I will tell you! If you aren't...don't worry, I'll still tell you! 😈
Honeslty this week was one of those weeks where you were so busy that when you look back at the end of the week, you can't even think of one thing that you did becuase you did too many things! This is what I am realizing as I am standing on a bus (now very aware of which old man could become a flying projectile 👴) at 8 in the morning on my way to get groceries writing my email. So I've made an executive make a journal entry out of this email and try to rememeber what in the crapeziod I did this week! So welcome to the life of a Poland missionary (specifically a sister missioanry living in krakow with a name that rhymes with yonez)!
My morning routine: generally this consists of me prying my eyeballs open at 6:30. 🥴Planning the day (I.e. waking myself up every two minutes while sister Johnson works her magic).🪄 Working out (cloud stretch for 30 minutes). ☁️And then making myself look like I'm not a pirate drunk off coconut water and raspberry juice.🏴‍☠️ (In other words it means that I'm freaking out because my eyelashes look like spider legs and my hair looks a little too scary to not NOT do anything with it). And then of course I do a little study of the Book of Mormon. And then a little study of the hardest language on planet earth. 📖And then a little study with my beloved companion. Oh and there is a breakfast and a lunch in there as well (usually five star meals only such as fried chicken or omlets). 🐔And then there is an hour of travel time on a bus glaring at the bus drivers when they slam on their brakes a little too hard. 🚌
Evenings consisted of random mission training meetings (1-4hrs long), dinner appointments (scheduled and not), teaching appointments, and a solid amount of time roaming around the adjacent buildings of our chappel because both entrances that we knew of happened to be inoperable. 🚪 Now, when I condense it all into one seems like I'm being dramatic. Which is plausible (if you know me)...cept I'm being fir realz right now. It were crazy. 🤪
¡Estoy feliz cuando los amigos vienen a la iglesia! Yes...I did Google translate so if it doesn't translate back to English I'm sorry! Which reminds like 10:30pm, me and sister Johnson had a laughing attack about the phrase "przepraszam Pani, I tooted!"...which means "I'm sorry Lady, I tooted." 💨Why did we think that was so funny? Couldn't tell you...which is why I share...maybe one of yall out there has an idea on the matter! Anyways! Back to the story...which you should know if you translated the Spanish...AAAAAND...if I translated it right. Which, in that case, I'd have to tell you...UGGG FINE! only if I must... OUR SPANISH FRIEND CAME TO CHURCH!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!! 🤭 the Saturday before she committed to coming but we were hesitant to get excited. She hadn't shown up by the time I had to stand up to lead the music...but by the second verse of 'Lord, I would follow thee,' she was sitting sngly next to sister Johnson and I was beaming like an idiot waving my hand in 6/8 pattern to a 4/4 time sygnature! 😁The meeting was insane. It was like Heavenly Father was wispering what our Amiga needed to hear into the ear of each person who got up and spoke during testimony meeting! After the meeting, we walked her to the door and she mentioned that this might be what she has been looking for in her life....!!!! Can i get a OH-YAH? 😝Can i get a WHA-OH? 😆Can i get a HOIY-YAH? 😁Can i get a YEET? 😂Yes I know she's not quite to the "sister jones is so excited shes gonna do a back-flip stage"...but its close!🤏

Honeslty no story can compare to that one so I'll end this tortous email here...have a blessed week yalll! Eat some Mac and cheese for me! I'm going through a yellow death withdrawl! 🧀😉 
-Siostra Jones


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