August 1, 2022


Krakow, Poland


Hannah Johnson


Hey yall this is Luke Brian! ...just's only me. But I will bring someone a Poland pebble if they can tell me what the reference to that is?
One thing that I have learned out myself since moving across an that i am an absolute sucker for anything that has to do with coconut. Shampoo, chicken salad, conditioner, lindor choclates, ponczki, hardwood floor solution, deodorant...! You name it! And I've probably got it or have tried it and liked it! Sister johnson has now taken on the responsibility of pointing out ever item at the grocery store that has coconut in it...and then proceeding to convince me to buy it! Future missioanries out there let me tell you...don't always listen to your trainer!
Since I failed last week, let me catch you up on the advebtures of the past wee bit. We traveled only halfway across the country into Warsaw for mission conference...or party conference as we like to call it. Sister Johnson and I then kicked trash at football or soccer, whichever thou wouldst prefer to say. We also took second place in a "draw a picture of president out of noodles" with the help of his beloved daughter and most definitely my favorite companion. We then almost suffocated back in krakow trying to clean out the attic of an old fiery and savage british lady. I'm only kind of kidding. And that story gets its own paragraph...
Now that I have entered a few times we have reached "new paragrpah" status! Picture this...we walk on the yellow brick road (cept it is cobblestone) and we immerse in a neighborhood full of very nice and expensive houses. We keep walking only to arrive at our destination seconds later. There, amidst all the modern, sophisticated residencies of the high class of polish society, rests the remnants of a old,  communisitc, 4 story slab of concrete. We check the address again. And again. And then we call the elders. Our fate was confirmed. Upon entering, voices could be heard, one of which sassed on and on about bloody this and opportunity that...spoken in of course a brish accent. She waddled in with the elders in tow (like a few little puppies) and i was met with the london verson Momma Odee...u know the blind voodoo lady who lives in a boat in a tree in the bayou? Yup that one proceeded to lead us up about a thousand stairs to the creepies, darkest, most spiderweb and dust filled attic i have ever seen in my life. To which we cleaned. For like 3 hours. To say we came out tired, hungry, thirsty, and dirty is an understatement! It was a blast though! Even discovering black boogies up our noses was an adventure in and of itself! And if yall think im weird...just hop on a pain and come meet the bayou lady! Her gratitude and attitude was more than worth a lung coated in 60 year old dirt! 
I also got banged up by a flying object that was a result of a bus driver slamming on his breaks. I'm talking screaching halt...leaving skid marks...and maybe a few sparks smalling on the breaks! And the flying object you might ask...ya that was an 80 year old man. We think he is ok. We pray. 
Oh! And a word of advice! If the spirit ever tells you that you need to go up and ask someone if you can give them a hug...?! DO IT! Itll warm your heartif almost like its christmas eve! 
And i have now seen hail as big as cherry tomatoes break the glass of a mall...jestem afriad. 
The rest of the week was more or less a blur. A lot of giggling happened and I think we might be hitting a "too tired to function but everything seems to be 5 times funnier" type of wall...can't tell if its good or bad or scary...
Love you all!Siostra Jones


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